Holiday wrap-up.

Sorry for my surprise absence. I intended to post an "I'll be back soon" but left early for holiday travel on account of the snow and then quickly got into the holiday groove. I hope your season has been magical. Ours certainly has!


We spent most of a week with my family eating too much food, drinking too many Manhattans, and staying up too late talking by the fire. There was snow and rain and snow again.

I have no photo record of it all as I inadvertently deleted my entire holiday photo collection save the photo above and the ones below. Ah, technology. (I am a slow learner.)


The kids fell asleep with rosy cheeks and exhausted bodies after so much laughter and play. There was ridiculous quantities of amazing food and sweets, and we delighted in giving and receiving thoughtful handmade (and thoughtful purchased) gifts. 

And all that knitting? I was busy making felted gnome slippers (from this pattern by way of Ravelry), felted bowls (from One Skein), and kitty cat hats (from a vintage hat pattern of my grandma's). All so sweet and appreciated. (Again, no pictures. Sigh.)

The kids and I spent a long afternoon creating a snow family by the creek in my parents' yard, and then watched them slowly transform into abstraction in the rain. Rain! On Christmas. Crazyness.


My family – as usual – was super respectful with gifts. The kids each came home with three thoughtful gifts. Three. One from my sister, one from my dad, and one from my mom. There is no trunk-load of questionable gifts to haul home after the holidays in my world and for that I am so grateful. There wasn't even any wrapping paper to dispose of. Just some fabric to refold and some covered boxes to put away until next year. Seriously, people. My family rules.

As we roll into 2010 I am looking ahead to a big, amazing year. Oh, the plans. There is so much on the horizon for LuSa Organics, for our family, for homeschooling and, well, for my knitting needles.

Happy New Year to you!

2 thoughts on “Holiday wrap-up.

  1. Laura says:

    That’s awesome! Our family is FINALLY getting the gift thing. I guess after years of my kids telling family members…”Oh Mom took that one to Goodwill…” they are catching on. Plus it was kind of pointless to give them their standby electronic games and dvd’s when we announced that we got rid of our TV. We stayed home for Christmas to avoid all the gift crazyness…tough on the kids when they see cousins opening sooo much! We gave our rels locally roasted coffee, LuSa Tofuani soap, and CD’s from a Madison based band. The kids and I made the wrapping paper from some water color paintings we had made. Thanks for the post…sure is nice to not feel like we’re the only “crazy” ones out there!

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hooray, for being on the crazy team, Laura! Were in good company. The wrapping paper sounds awesome. This year we used the kids playsilks and they were beautiful! I will post a picture above of one. Thank you from my heart for sharing! It sounds like you are on a great track.


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