Hello promising New Year! A full moon, a blue moon, and New Year's eve converge. Makes for powerful magic in my book. New Year's Eve is always a good time to take stock and look ahead. Here is what I am projecting for 2010 (These are not "resolutions" but rather my "yes list"):


1. Find my Joy: I know that my magic and my power of attracting the life I want is linked completely to the amount of joy in my life. I will do five things everyday that make my heart sing.

2. Embrace Success: This is the year that LuSa Organics will really and truly soar. 2010 is a big year for our family business. I am dialing it in and getting out of my own way! Radical success here we come!


3. Inspire, Improve, Empower: My actions (and yours) have so much power. I will choose daily to inspire others (and be inspired), to improve my home, myself, my community, and the world, and empower myself, my children, my team, and others. We are moving forward!

4. Connect with the Earth: Walk, run, sled, skate, ski. Play, bike, swim, climb. Hang laundry, plant seeds, tend the garden, relax. Camp, paddle, hike, count stars. Get out there! (Everyday.)


5. Appreciate: This may be the biggest one of all. Appreciate all that I have and where I am, even as I reach for a better feeling place. 

I would delight in hearing what is on your yes list. Leave a comment below! (Yes!)

3 thoughts on “2010

  1. Radha Crawley says:

    i love this list… so in alignment with the Divine. That is how I like to roll… and my YES list includes:

    expansion and continuation of my dream to teach and share with others Truth and Wellness

    many moments laughing and connecting with Family and Friends, new and old 🙂

    travel to new places to explore and be inspired

    keep my heart open to all and everything that comes my way, and from that place, share that love and wisdom with all

    find all ways to lessen my impact on the Earth and increase my legacy 😉

    play on mother earth, hike, swim, bike, yoga, breathing, watching, loving

    meditate daily

    surround myself with beauty and joy

    and like you, be eternally grateful for all i have and am blessed with in this life 😉

    here’s to staying connected!

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