Manifestation Workshop.

How easy is it to achieve the life you really want? Like the real stuff. The big stuff. (And what does this have to do with a pair of purple school desks in my kitchen?)


Let's start with a story and a bit of history…

When I was 29 and pregnant with my first child I met a magical, inspiring woman. She was radiant and funny and sparkled with joy and laughter nearly every time I saw her. She introduced me to some ideas that had not yet come into my life. Ideas that now shape my everyday.

Waldorf. Unschooling. Abraham. Law of Attraction. Feng Shui. Naturopathic medicine. Chinese medicine. Good stuff; all of it transformational. She quickly became one of my dearest friends and wisest teachers, and I took her lessons and ran with them, my life transformed.

Through time we gently grew apart as friends sometimes do, I still hold deep love for her in my heart and am grateful daily for the sparks she lit for me. (Since she is the person who introduced me to the concept of manifesting, the school desk story that much more poetic. Stick with me here.)

With the Law of Attraction introduction from my friend, I have raised my kids with the knowledge that we can have anything that we want. Anything! If you want it, focus on the feel of having it – the emotion of having it – and get out of your own way. You can manifest anything in an instant.

Last week Sage developed an interest in "playing school". He cobbled together a desk out of a painting board and a kitchen stool.

"I want a school desk," he told me several days in a row.

Then in a half dream state two nights ago a vision of this same old friend and her two kids seated in their homeschool desks drifted into my mind. She and her family are departing on a cross-country move within days. I thought about their coming move, and wanted to share a hug and a smile and some goodbye magic. I wondered if they were bringing their desks to their new home. I fell back asleep.

The next morning a spontaneous two hour road trip came into our plans. We stopped for a bathroom break at a thrift store nearly an hour from home. As we piled out of the car Sage started yelling my friend's name, saying that he just saw her drive by. We ran behind the store and sure enough, there she was dropping off belongings. I offered to help unload the van and as we opened the back I started to laugh: two school desks. Purple even, to match my kitchen.

"Can we have your desks?" I asked. Of course. Sage got his desk, Lupine got her desk, and I got to say goodbye. And we all got one last Law of Attraction workshop with my old friend.


So my dear old friend, thank you for the many blessings you brought to my life. I am forever changed and blessed by our friendship! I know that you will keep spreading magic and joy wherever you go. I look forward to seeing where this next journey takes you. I love you! 

4 thoughts on “Manifestation Workshop.

  1. Laura Raye says:

    I know who you are talking about and I really really really wanted to see her and her family one last time before they leave, but it’s not looking like we’ll get to go tonight. I was telling Tom that she’s just one of those people that if you get near you you feel like good luck is rubbing off on you!

  2. debra says:

    ha! i know who this is too!! and she is the person who introduced these ideas to me (as well as laughter yoga, car dancing and having a generally sparkly attitude about LIFE!). i followed your link from the manifestation board post…looking to make a little of this magic in our lives as well, and loving your stories of how it’s worked for you. also received a box of LuSa soaps in the mail today – YEE HAWWWWWWW!!

  3. Richard says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I know who you’re talking about, too!
    And I’m going to ‘out’ her right now! 🙂
    She’s just as awesome now as she was when she lived in Wisconsin with you guys.
    Ina is still having such a beautifully positive and healing effect on the world… even more so now, perhaps, as she’s fully coming into her power as an amazing Channel…
    Ina works one-on-one with clients over the phone, channeling your guides, so you feel like you’re having a direct conversation with your very own angels… SO powerful!
    Check her out!

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