Holiday Crafting Continues.

It's crunch time.

We celebrate Solstice as a family and that is, oh, all of two days out. Two days. We don't do much gift-giving on Solstice eve, but we do a little, so that has been keeping me busy. (If you are interested in hearing our Solstice traditions let me know and I'll give you the break down. We have an awesome night!)

Two days after Solstice we leave for my parents' house to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the family. And therein lies the crafting mania. My needles and my sewing machine(s) have been clicking and whirring for days, long into the night. I have been heard saying things like, "Hungry? You'll have to wait. I can't stop knitting." Or "Yeah, I can't do dishes anymore. I need to make stuff."


Last night Pete and I were tag-team between craft stations. It rocked. That means the kitchen is still a mess this morning, but it was worth is as we ticked two items off of the Holiday To Do List.

(That project, Recycled Sweater Stockings, will appear tomorrow in tutorial(ish) form. A little holiday gift for you, with love. Enjoy!)


Here are a few of the mystery projects on my needles this week. I am not giving details as to what they are for fear of spoiling some sweet surprises.


With few exceptions everything is half done. That just won't do. (And now as I look I think I see two slipped stitches in the photo above. Arg!) Sorry people. I'm out of here.


Oh, my. Its gonna be another last night.

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  1. andrea says:

    Yes! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear your solstice traditions! I’m relatively new to all this (learning about Waldorf, advent, solstice, etc…) and find your blog inspiring and helpful. So please, do share! I need some ideas for next year. Or maybe there’s still time to sneak some in for 2009!

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