Vintage Christmas Decorations.

Each year we select and cut a tree as a family, usually in my parent's woods. This year we picked our usual scraggly balsam (my favorite Christmas tree). The branches are sparse and therefore so are the decorations But this year we mixed in a wonderful new addition with our old favorites:


Vintage bubble lights. They are bright, colorful, and, well, bubbly.


I have loved bubble lights for as long as I can remember and stumbled upon this set for 50 cents at a rainy day garage sale this fall. It was a fabulous sale with vintage suitcases, linens, typewriters, and holiday decor. Aside from a box of a dozen painted vintage glass ball ornaments (also 50 cents), I picked up the bubble lights. In the original box, they had tagged it with their price and "Do not work." But they do! And magically. They bring just the right sparkle of old-school Christmas to our tree.

Enjoy the little surprises that your holidays bring!

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  1. jane smith says:

    FYI Some of the vintage pottery you have is Cameron Clay Products: ie donkey cart, duck and cat planter
    Stop by the facebook page by the same name 🙂

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