Easy Tee Shirt Shopping Bag Tutorial.

Two tutorials in a row? Madness. I have so many other (non-tutorial-type) things to share, but the sewing inspiration keep flowing, so we'll save the other wonderfulness for a future day. 

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There is now officially no excuse for taking plastic or paper bags when
you go shopping. Making your own simple shopping bag takes literally $0
and five minutes of your time. Can you cut with scissors and sew a
straight line? Then you can make a shopping bag out of an old tee

Sage, age 7, just made his own with nothing more than verbal instructions from me (and some needle threading). His is the one on the left. (Ironing it would have been an insult to his work, so you get his in its 7-year old glory.)


In Sage's words, "You need a shirt, a sewing machine, and a pair of scissors. Shut the bottom, cut off the sleeves, and cut the neck hole bigger. It was fun." For those who require a few more details, they follow.

Tee Shirt Shopping Bag Tutorial

1. Take your favorite old tee shirt. (You know – the one that you spilled red wine on one the shirt that simply must have shrunk because it fit last year. You get the idea. My kids chose their outgrown favorites.) The shirt must be sturdy and not threadbare.


2. Turn shirt inside out and sew a double straight seam across the bottom, back stitching at both ends. For a child's bag a single seam is enough as they are unlikely to be loading them full of canned goods.


3. Turn right side out through the neck hole. Cut off the sleeves and widen the neck hole to create handles.

The shirt will resemble a tank top when completed. They are sturdy despite being made of jersey and have a comfortable give and bounce.


Quick, frugal, green, and kid-friendly. And, of course, fun. Can't beat that for five minutes of crafting.

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