Seeing Beauty

Winter around here can be a little, well,
prickly. I tend to get mired in the day-to-day of life inside my house
and have to really encourage myself to venture out by the time February rolls around.


The past two days may have put an end to that story. Beauty that was everywhere. There was frost unlike any
that I had ever seen before. Gorgeous 5/8" long needle like frost
yesterday and thicker, more sculptural frost today.



It is the view out my window that makes me drop everything, skip breakfast, wait on tea and run outside to experience it.


So what would happen if I shifted my vantage point and looked for this magic in every morning, every season?

It might just delay a whole lot of breakfasts around here.


(I got carried away with photos. If you like what you see, go here for more images of these frosty days.)

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