Helping Haiti

We are blessed with much to be grateful for. Family. Health. Safety. Home. Warmth. Water. Security. A good night's sleep. Loved ones. Did I mention safety?

As the depth of Haiti's crisis comes to light in my heart I am feeling this gratitude deeply, as am I feeling a need to make some good happen. 


Through a friend I discovered Craft Hope, and etsy store where all proceeds are going directly to Doctors without Borders. If you are looking for (another) excuse to donate, this is a sweet way to do it. We spent allot of money over there that wasn't in the budget and it felt really good. 


I also encourage all you crafty ones to fire up your sewing machine, warm up your knitting needles, or ink up your silkscreens. Craft Hope is accepting donations. We've just gotten some items off to them to list (a baby gift collection, a lip balm set, and an essential oil roll on kit edited: sold out! More listings soon!), and I encourage you to do the same.


Because yes, we can make a difference.

Dress Wool




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