From the Archives: A Mission.



I originally wrote this post last winter. I was inspired to repost it today since it describes well why I come here everyday and why I suspect you come here too. Enjoy!

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February 26, 2009

I really love sitting here and putting down words and pictures for you. Maybe it is more for me. Regardless, it brings me joy (and from your emails and comments it brings you joy too). I have been thinking about this teeny blog lately and wondering what it is for. Why do it?

This question frequently pops up in my life in different versions. You could call it intention or over-thinking, depending on your angle. Why eat the food we do? Why choose the toys we have for our children? Why live without television?

There is intention in how we have chosen to work, partner, and live, and in how we parent, school, and engage our children. Heck, we have intention in the crayons we buy, how we diaper (or not) our babies, and the holidays we celebrate. But those are conversations for another day.


The big question this morning is: why blog?

So here is my blog Manifesto, my Mission, Intention, or Over-Thought-Moment-of-Misplaced-Seriousness:

1. Inspire

Our world is brimming with hidden beauty and inspiration. I strive to inspire you through the moments and thoughts that I share through words and pictures.

2. Be Inspired

I will seek inspiration and beauty each day. There is so much around me that is magical. I will touch it, photograph it, and share it.

3. Uplift

Our words shape our world and I choose to work for good. May my message lift your heart and make your soul sing.

4. Challenge

I challenge myself to try new things, to post with regularity, to be present each day. I challenge you with ideas that may be new, unusual, non-conformist.


I welcome your participation here in the form of comments and emails. Thank you for joining me on this adventure and sharing in these moments of our lives.

4 thoughts on “From the Archives: A Mission.

  1. sarah says:

    lovely, thanks for reposting this! i think one of the reasons i am so drawn to your blog — aside from the reasons you mention above, because those are it, too — is that you’re letting your readers get to know you a bit. its the reason i like farmers markets — we get to meet and know the folks who grow our food. i think its pretty cool to “meet” your family, and know the faces behind your amazing business.

  2. Liz says:

    I also am finding that I blog because when I do it daily, I look for more meaning and memories each day. It gets me closer to “thriving” instead of just “surviving.”

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Such a great point. This is why I actually started blogging – because the people who found and loved our products didnt know us or have that connection to the people behind the product. I wanted to make that connection more intimate. The other benefits have blossomed from this intention. Thanks for the reminder.

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