Manifestation Board.


There are two bulletin boards hanging in our house. One is mounted high, one is mounted low. What you find on the boards varies by week, depending on what we are focused on. These are our Manifestation Boards. The low one belongs to the kids, the high board is Pete's and mine.


On these boards we pin words or pictures of what we want to attract in to our lives. Strength, peace, a vacation, love, money, laughter – the good stuff.

We have loved this idea for some time but three years ago decided to hang a Manifestation Board on the wall as a reminder to consciously create this life. Conscious creation is how we got this far, but we were forgetting to manifest and were getting bogged down in the day-to-day. The board hung empty on the wall for weeks as we kept busy with a four-year old, a newborn, a new business, and a new home.


That blank board was bothering me. "What are we manifesting?" I asked Pete one day. We needed something on there. I
saw a catalog on our desk and halfheartedly cut out a picture of a pair
of shoes. I wanted something on that
board and those shoes were a start.

The phone rang. It was the new long-distance
girlfriend of our housemate. "What size shoes do you wear?" she asked. I told her my size. "The next time I visit I have a pair of shoes for you," she said.

 A week later she showed up holding the exact pair of shoes that was on our manifestation board. I laughed as I led her across the room to the Manifestation Board. I took the picture off of the board as I said "Thanks!" We all thought it was amazing, easy, and awesome. More of this visioning was a no-brainer.

We quickly filled the board with the things that matter even more than some great new shoes and have watched as they arrive into our lives, day after day.


Among other things the kids board has pictures of a microscope, deep snow, canoeing, and ice cream. Instilling in my children the belief that we can get to choose our life path is an important one. I want my children to know (as I want to know myself) that there are no limits to where they can go, no limits to the joy that they can achieve.

I talked a bit about manifestation here too and included a couple of links that might be of interest to you.

Happy manifesting!

17 thoughts on “Manifestation Board.

  1. Rena Beyer says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I love your post today! I, too, am a strong believer in the power of a visual representation of dreams and goals. I took a workshop a few years ago that walked us through exercises that helped us see past day-to-day goals and focus on long-term goals. In the end we left with a collage representing our individual visions of our future. Mine included a lake, a fire place, woods, a picture of a writer, and some other, more easily achievable earthiness-oriented goals. Today, only six years after creating the collage I live on a lake in the woods, have two fire places, and write full-time from home (and get paid for it)! Pretty powerful, I’d say. I hung the collage over my desk and each day made decisions on whether or not they fit into that vision. Thank you for this reminder that it’s time to create another collage (although Manifestation Board sounds so much cooler!).

    Have a great day today.

  2. Wendy says:

    OK, it’s time to come clean. I was actually raised with this stuff (Science of Mind and Ernest Holmes). Well, the second half of my childhood anyway, the first half was significantly less open minded.

    And anytime that I see something like this, I totally balk and feel super uncomfortable. My mom’s efforts at this never quite panned out and it brings up a ton of unpleasant thoughts (she died on March 15th, just 16 days before her 50th birthday). My sister recently rented The Secret, which we realized is just a popularized version of what our mom tried to teach us.

    My life is full of a lot of the stuff that she taught me about, Goddesses, homeopathy, flower essences, divination. Maybe it’s time to give this one a shot again.

    Thanks for posting this. And getting under my skin. 😉

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Wendy, Thanks so much for your honesty. When something makes us uncomfortable there is usually something to it. Either A) its total BS for your life, or B) its connected to other thoughts that are not a match to this moment in your life. My mom also studies this when I was a kid but it was so not a part of the reality I grew up with. She learned about it but never really made it be a part of our experience. We talk about it often now and shes dipping her toe back into this water to see how it feels. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your honesty.

  4. Laura Raye says:

    I love this! We did this soon after I first read this post. It’s a very empowering thing to do. I like the name Manifestation Board…board makes me think of Riding the Manifestation wave. We’re very into boards around here…surf boards, skate boards, snow boards. Boards are a good visual for me, but I came up with a different one that I like too…a Manifestation Garden. It’s getting closer to spring, and as Tom and the kids and I were pinning different hopes to our board I felt like we were planting little Manifestation seeds in our Manifestation Garden. Thanks for the inspiration :-).

  5. Jeanine says:

    I was trying to figure out from the title what a manifestation board would be about (clearly my brain wasn’t very alert) and I’m in love with this idea. So simply beautiful and real.
    PS I love the $200000000000000. Doesn’t it always sound nice. 🙂 Kind of.

  6. Joey says:

    Awesome article, Rachel.

    My wife and I are creating our first official manifestation boards this weekend.

    Being mindful, beyond what we’re making for dinner, is extremely powerful. Even though I know this, I find that sometimes I get so caught up in the minutia, that I don’t make the time to envision what my future (which will soon be my present) looks like.

    Happy New Year!


  7. Sarah says:

    So what is the difference between manifesting and fantasizing? I’ve been thinking and wanting to manifest some bright things into my life. But I’m stuck on that question. I have a friend who put a letter in a bottle! Her beautiful partner came into her life! How do you even know what you want? Can you tell I’m going through some heavy stuff right now? ha!

  8. Rachel Wolf says:

    Start here: I want to see what I am wanting. Make it your mantra. Say it in your head when you wake up and as you go about your day. And then watch for it! Tangible or intangible youll start to know. Then manifest/fantasize away. They are the same, really. But focus on your wanting and expecting. Thats the key. Expect it to come and it will!

    Check out for more info too. Good stuff over there.

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