What We’re Manifesting.

Sometimes I talk to you about manifestation. I'm pretty into it (have you noticed?) A while back I shared our Manifestation Board with you (or "dream garden" as one reader-friend calls it), and really this entire blog is an exercise in manifestation. You see, by focusing on what is magical and beautiful and good in our days, it expands. That's part of the reason I leave out all the crud.

And today I had a lovely idea. What if I shared posts with you now and then that were simply dreams, relayed as truth? What We're Manifesting.

Oh my. This is fun. Come along on the ride, won't you? And if you are inspired to create a similar post, do leave a link in the comments so others can share in your journey. This is all based on the premise that the more you talk about (and feel) what it is you are wanting the faster is rushes into your life.

I've decided to believe in my own perfect story. So here it is – the reality I am creating:



Did you hear? LuSa Organics is wildly popular! Even Oprah loves it. Really! Its all true. We have found business success beyond our wildest dreams and are enjoying the ride so very much. Booty Balm and Baby Wipe Juice have become ubiquitous choices for diaper care across the continent and these products have carried us into the joyful experience of true financial freedom. Debts paid. Money in the bank. Freedom.

"What next?" we ask.


"Land," comes the answer.

We found our perfect country parcel – 36 acres of beautiful woods with a trout stream winding through. Southern exposure for good solar gain, and the perfect efficient house that heats itself with the sun. My favorite part of the house (aside from the views) is the kitchen with its stone counter tops and reclaimed cabinets. Baking and cooking here is delightful. Our other favorite space is the craft room with floor to ceiling storage, big work stations, and loads of natural light. There is plenty of space for each of us to do what we love: sewing for me, tying flies for Pete, and crafting-of-all-kinds for the kids.

Did I tell you about the garden yet? Oh, the garden. And the orchard! The garden soil is rich, dark, and crumbly. The land has been loved for decades and planted with perennials galore. The orchard contains mature apple, pear, plum, and nut trees. There is also a large berry patch, a mature plot of asparagus and the forest is brimming with wild edibles.


Did you see all of the blossoms on our fruit trees? I can almost taste the cider we'll press and the pies to be made. There is amazing potential in this place.

The children are in their bliss here. Harmony, joy, growth and learning are the norm here. Their questions are rich and we joyfully connect them with the people and resources they need to find themselves through this learning. They love the chickens (araucanas of course) and joyfully gather eggs and run with the birds around the yard. The sheep are also a joy for us all and the kids and I are enjoying dying wool and spinning fibers together.


Pete and I are full of gratitude for the quality and quantity of time we have together, as well as the time we have to pursue our individual passions for writing, crafting, sewing, knitting, gardening, fishing, making music, and woodworking. Our minds are sharp, we feel connected, and our bodies are healthy from this life we have chosen. Each evening we sit on the deck together and watch the sun sink behind the hills feeling so much love for each other, this place, and this life.


Life is magical. Life is delicious. Life is exactly what I am wanting.

And what about you? What are you manifesting?

Manifestation Board.


There are two bulletin boards hanging in our house. One is mounted high, one is mounted low. What you find on the boards varies by week, depending on what we are focused on. These are our Manifestation Boards. The low one belongs to the kids, the high board is Pete's and mine.


On these boards we pin words or pictures of what we want to attract in to our lives. Strength, peace, a vacation, love, money, laughter – the good stuff.

We have loved this idea for some time but three years ago decided to hang a Manifestation Board on the wall as a reminder to consciously create this life. Conscious creation is how we got this far, but we were forgetting to manifest and were getting bogged down in the day-to-day. The board hung empty on the wall for weeks as we kept busy with a four-year old, a newborn, a new business, and a new home.


That blank board was bothering me. "What are we manifesting?" I asked Pete one day. We needed something on there. I
saw a catalog on our desk and halfheartedly cut out a picture of a pair
of shoes. I wanted something on that
board and those shoes were a start.

The phone rang. It was the new long-distance
girlfriend of our housemate. "What size shoes do you wear?" she asked. I told her my size. "The next time I visit I have a pair of shoes for you," she said.

 A week later she showed up holding the exact pair of shoes that was on our manifestation board. I laughed as I led her across the room to the Manifestation Board. I took the picture off of the board as I said "Thanks!" We all thought it was amazing, easy, and awesome. More of this visioning was a no-brainer.

We quickly filled the board with the things that matter even more than some great new shoes and have watched as they arrive into our lives, day after day.


Among other things the kids board has pictures of a microscope, deep snow, canoeing, and ice cream. Instilling in my children the belief that we can get to choose our life path is an important one. I want my children to know (as I want to know myself) that there are no limits to where they can go, no limits to the joy that they can achieve.

I talked a bit about manifestation here too and included a couple of links that might be of interest to you.

Happy manifesting!