Babywearing Celebration Day 1: Your Cheek on my Heart.


My second daughter slept on my chest from the moment she was born.  She screamed all the way home, in the car, from the hospital because she wanted to be near me.  For months, she spent every nap and every night with her cheek on my chest.
When I look back I can see clearly why she fussed in slings, why I felt so uncomfortable too.  I had bought a Moby wrap before she was born but had been too intimidated to try it out.  Finally, I took her and the wrap to the shop.  When the woman working there finished adjusting the baby and the wrap, all the tension left my body and everything felt so perfectly right.  I opened up my shirt, turned her little head to the side and lay her cheek on my bare chest.
When my baby, was six weeks old our family moved to Ukraine.  I felt like the only person in the country using a wrap — or carrying my baby.  I was stared at.  But the stares and the comments never made me feel uncomfortable.  There was nothing better than having this baby next to my heart.
I walked my older daughter to school every morning.  There were 180 stairs between our apartment and the school.  With my little child on my chest, I quickly lost all the baby weight — and more.
Even the French women at our school made comments — perhaps even more than the locals.  Most believed that my baby would never walk — nor be a social, autonomous being.
How marveled when that spring, following a long winter, I let my baby down and she walked all over the schoolyard.  Until then , they had only glimpsed her face and legs.  But when she emerged, the community was astonished and full of love for this little being who had spent the previous twelve months in a warm cocoon listening to her mama's heartbeat and blocking out the sounds of distrust. I doubt any of them decided to wear their future babies, but I am sure many still tell the tale of the cocoon baby.
My daughter continued to sleep "on me" until recently.  Even after my mastectomy, nearly two years ago, I managed to find ways for her to be on my chest.  Now, at four and a half, she is too heavy to lay there.  It was a bittersweet night when I knew she would never say, "I want on you," again.  But she still opens up my shirt and lays her cheek on my bare heart.
MamaShift, Vilnius, Lithuania


Welcome to the LuSa Organics Babywearing Celebration! The response to this joyful week has been astounding. I am so grateful for all who submitted or donated their writing, photos, baby carriers, materials, information, and support. Thanks to all who's eyes are here this day!

I am of the mind that wearing your child is nothing short of magical. Babywearing promotes bonding. Facilitates multitasking. Soothes fussy babies. Eases the life of multi-child parents. Connects your child with their world. Promotes healthy communication. Is simple (after you learn a few basic steps). Is affordable. Is low-impact. Is good for your body. Is phenomenal for your baby. And it is as old as humanity.

And babywearing has been getting a bad wrap lately (pun intended). The CPSC recently released a statement discouraging sling use for children under four months of age after several infants died in a poorly made, poorly designed carrier.


The age-old practice of wearing babies with a proven track record of safety and innumerable benefits has been underminded a bit by a single, cheap carrier. I mourn for the families effected, and also worry about new parents who are now confused about the safety of babywearing. This week we intend to clear that confusion and inspire you to pull out that carrier you've been nervous to use (or perhaps buy or make a new one). And we'll be showing off some beautiful babes while we're at it. 


Is Babywearing Safe?

Yes. If you choose a good carrier and learn to use it properly. It's easier than installing your car seat properly, I promise you that. And I'd bet money that your newborn will take the carrier option over the car seat if given the choice every time. 

For those of you with reservations on babywearing's inherent safety, Mothering Magazine is a perennial resource on all things mama, baby, and child. (If you don't have a subscription yet get on it! I'll be here when you get back. I mean it. Go. This magazine changed my life.) Mothering Magazine responded eloquently to the CPSC, and I will refer you to their response which includes six bullet points for fool-proof safe babywearing. Throughout the week's posts we'll address getting your child accustom to your carrier, safe wearing tips, making your own wrap or sling, and we'll share some amazing online resources for babywearing.


The Giveaways

Today we are hosting three giveaways. One lucky winner will receive a Moby Wrap. This was my favorite everyday carrier for the first six months of Lupine's in-arms-life and along with Booty Balm is a favorite gift for new families. I LOVED my Moby. Love, love, love.

Another winner will receive the babywearing DVD Tummy2Tummy. This marvelous DVD teaches proper use of four different carrier styles (ring slings, pouches, asian carriers, and simple fabric carriers). I used this DVD to perfect use of my sling, my mai tai, and my Moby. It was indispensable.

A third winner will receive a digital copy of Mothering Magazine's Babywearing 101. This, too, is a fantastic, well written resource for new parents and experienced babywearers alike. We read it, used it, and shared it many times.


To be entered in the drawing please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts on babywearing, something that inspired you to wear your baby, or a hope you hold in your heart. (One comment per person please.) Feel free to ask questions. I'll respond to just as many as I can.

Comments are closed. I'll announce winners later this week!

To let more families know about this week's events, I encourage you to re-blog, post to your Facebook page, and share on Twitter. Thanks for spreading the word! I will close comments on Saturday, April 17 and announce all winners the following week.


Moby Wrap

The Moby Wrap fits into a category of carrier I'll refer to as stretchy wraps. Made of jersey (heavy tee-shirt type fabric), they have a gentle stretch and give, making it easy to get a little one in and out of the wrap and making them forgiving and comfortable for the adult. I've worn Lupine in some amazing holds in a stretchy wrap – both front and back, facing in and (at home) facing out. Most of the time she was simply asleep on my breast, nuzzled in against my heart.

My Moby was my uniform for six months and I can't imagine that time without it. I've since passed it along to friends, who enjoyed it and passed it onto friends, who again used and passed along the wrap to another family. I occasionally have the pleasure of seeing other cute babes snuggled into our carrier and recall Lupine and I spent our loving days together, heart to heart when she was small. Four babies and counting? Not bad for a $35.00 investment.


I interviewed the folks at Moby Wrap about their carrier, benefits of babywearing, and tips for newbies.

Clean: What makes your carrier one of the best?

Moby: A Moby Wrap is a long piece of ultra soft, breathable cotton that is wrapped around the wearer to create a safe, custom-fitted and versatile baby carrier. Wrapping around both shoulders and the entire back, the Moby Wrap evenly distributes baby's weight making it comfortalbe to carry baby for long periods of time. All Moby Wraps are machine washable and provide one-size versatility. There are no buckles, snaps, or other fasteners, making a Moby Wrap simple and convenient. 

Clean: Why do you believe caregivers should wear their babies?

Moby: Babywearing helps a baby develop a strong and secure attachment to parents. It meets baby's security needs: baby can feel, smell, hear, and see their parent. Babywearing communicates to children that they are loved, safe, secure, and cared for. It is a naturally soothing baby tranquilizer which helps fussy and tired infants fall asleep. It lowers the levels of stress in the infant and parent. It enables parents to accomplish their day to day activities while maintaining close physical contact with their babies.

Clean: Any tips for beginners?

Moby: The best time to start putting your baby in a carrier is when he is happy, fed, and rested. Use gentle movements to soothe baby. It is best to walk or slowly sway than to remain still. Always use your senses to be aware of baby. Look, listen, and feel baby.   

Moby is offering 15% off your entire purchase at Use coupon code cleanmoby before April 25, 2010.


Your Stories, Your Poems.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who opened your hearts and shared your stories, your thoughts, and your images. We were all so touched. I put four friends to work reading your contributions (thanks ladies!) and I dare say we all cried. Frequently. If anyone has a creative way for us to share every entry let me know. (I am wanting the literary equivalent of Flickr.).

They were so lovely that it was nearly impossible to choose just five. In fact, I didn't. Today I selected two. And we'll have a bonus Haiku day (so feel free to submit to your heart's content. Please title your email "Haiku" to simplify my sifting process.)

Today we begin and end with a reader submission. I can relate to Meg and the feeling of expectations and life turned upside down with a first child.

Love to all.

~ Rachel





Baby Carrying, by Meg Grant

I wish I could say baby wearing came to me from a place of love and warmth, rather than its true source…desperation.  My first baby, Ava, took all of what I expected life with an infant to be and turned it upside down. She rarely slept, ceased to stop crying, and never simply relaxed. After many days of insanity, I finally asked my pediatrician what to do and his callous response was, “well, you need to remember who the parent is, you’re letting this baby dictate your life.”

Crestfallen, downhearted, and angry barely describes how I felt leaving that office. I could not believe he actually said what he said and could not understand how, as a new mother, my baby should not dictate my life. She was two weeks old, for goodness sake. I walked home in tears, along with Ava who was supremely quiet. The moment I stopped walking, she would scream.  This was probably the closest I’ve ever come to an epiphany, with the realization that movement was the only way to soothe her.  I raced home and  opened the carrier I purchased, never really sure I would use it. I strapped it on myself and put a very calm Ava in, holding my breath. Not a peep, not a scream, just a quiet, content baby.   For the rest of that day, I found myself overwhelmed by the freedom the carrier provided while simultaneously allowing me to be close to this little creature.  It was truly the first time I relaxed as a new mother. I accepted that this beautiful baby was forever going to dictate my life, a fate that I was more than happy to accept.

It is hard to believe, but that little baby is turning six soon and I have two other little babies that I have been lucky enough to carry.  With my second baby, Lillian, carrying her was a necessity; Ava was only nineteen months when she was born and I quickly learned a toddler waits for nothing. Lily lived in the carrier a good portion of the day and in the quiet moments of bedlam, the love and warmth I felt from her soft breath and quiet coos on my chest got me through the day.

Today I sit here writing this while my nine week old son, Oliver, sleeps soundly. I have since updated my baby carrier to the Moby Wrap, which is my new accessory I wear with pride. Although the carrier has changed, my feelings of carrying these precious babies has remained the same. I am a better mother because my hands are free, my heart is warm, and my baby is happy when I have them close to my heart.



85 thoughts on “Babywearing Celebration Day 1: Your Cheek on my Heart.

  1. Kristy says:

    I am so happy that you are raising awareness to the safety of wearing your baby. I am not yet a mother but strongly believe in attachment parenting and hope to have my own sometime soon. I love the moby wrap. It looks so comfy.

  2. Katrina Klauer says:

    I have used my slings more and ore with each child I wish I had started earlier with my 1st! I use only my ergo with my youngest but wish I had something that kept him closer and tighter! I would love to give the moby a whirl everyone who has one gives it the highest praises

  3. Emily says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post and sharing of stories!

    I have a Moby wrap as well, and it was used daily from my daughter’s first weeks until around 6 months, when I had an injury that prevented me from babywearing (for a while; once we got back to it she was too heavy for the Moby and transitioned to a mei tai). NOw pregnant with a second daughter on the way, I am deeply looking forward to feeling a tiny infant snuggled against my chest once again!

    These are wonderful carriers and the company deserves every word of praise.

  4. Morgan says:

    I love this post and look forward to the others on baby wearing! This summer we will be celebrating our first child and on my very short list of things we need a Moby wrap is the number one item.

  5. Danielle says:

    “I accepted that this beautiful baby was forever going to dictate my life, a fate that I was more than happy to accept.”

    There has never been anything more true than this statement. I think we run into problems when we try to hide from this, inevitable, truth.

  6. Crystal Wheeler says:

    I loved wearing my first two children, and regretted when they grew too big for the carriers. My carriers all found new homes with other families, and I’m so excited to be able to get new carriers now that I’m having another baby!

  7. says:

    My sister in law pointed out this website to me. She’s an avid baby-wearer, and has a three-month old that both she and my brother wear almost constantly.

    I am currently pregnant with my second child. My first child was an enormous 21 inch, nearly 10 pound baby when he was born. I had read about baby-wearing, but was wary of it. The wraps intimidated me because they seem complicated and very warm (I tend to overheat easily).

    I was fascinated by the wraps that allowed you to walk and breastfeed. I was always having to find a bench to stop and feed my son when we were out in public, and sometimes that was trying.

    Within the first month of the birth of my son, I went to the big baby retailer to try out some slings. None of them seemed to work (I’m pretty sure I tried on the one that was recalled), and my son hated them.

    Until my son got too heavy (about four months), we had a Jeep brand carrier that we bought that seemed to work ok, but once he got past a certain weight, there was no way we could comfortably carry him.

    From my son’s age of 3 months to 22 months, we lived in Switzerland on a temporary work assignment through my husband’s company. Nearly every mom there had their baby in a Moby-style wrap! I was really intrigued, especially when I saw babies older and heavier than mine being carried quite comfortably. I shopped around for a wrap, but like most things in Europe, they were fantastically expensive (usually over $100), and I didn’t want to spend that much cash on something I wasn’t sure I wanted to use.

    For some of our adventures, we found a used frame-backpack type carrier that worked well, but of course it isn’t the same as wearing your baby next to you.

    For my next baby (due in October), I really want to give baby-wearing a shot. I really like what I’ve read about the Mobi wrap, and also the mei teis, so I’m hoping to get one of those. I found a local store where they give free classes on a variety of topics, including baby wearing, so I hope to attend a class and try out some of the wraps.

    Plus, my darling sis in law is going to loan me her sling (can’t remember the brand name, but it isn’t the one on the recall list) so that I can use it for the first few weeks or so.

    I love your article here – very complete and lovely in its sentiment, and I’m looking forward to reading more articles this week. Please include me in the drawing today, too, if you can!

  8. Joana says:

    Actually hoping I don’t win – my baby’s too big for a Moby, I have the T2T DVD and the Babywearing 101 article already. 😉 But what a beautiful story! Thank you for doing this, I’m off to tweet & share on Facebook. I started wearing my now 3-year-old daughter when she was 3 weeks old. Now as the mother of two, I’m teaching my friends who are also mothers of two how to wear their babies so they can tend to their preschoolers more easily.

  9. Jess says:

    We’ve been wearing our little guy in homemade wraps and slings since he was born and love how easy it’s been to take him places without having to lug around a stroller or carrier.

  10. Brooke says:

    I LOVE this series! Such a great topic, and such cute babies! I have worn all my babies and my 5 week old would love a moby wrap! He is not a fan of the one i have with buckles!

  11. Jennifer Watson says:

    I am so excited to find this babywearing celebration! I am pregnant with my first and I can’t wait to become a pro at wearing this little one when s/he gets here in August. My hubby even saw the picture of the smiling daddy with the baby in the red wrap and said he could see himself wearing the baby like that! 🙂

  12. Darla says:

    I love that you’re doing the Babywearing celebration!
    And Moby wraps are awesome…We took our 4 month old daughter to a black tie event and I just wore a black stretchy wrap over my dress to hold her in. It was fabulous!

  13. Peggy says:

    I used a New Native sling with my son and then transitioned to an Ergo Carrier… but oh! We are expecting another little boy in July and would love to try a Moby Wrap. Thank you for offering the opportunity of a give-away & thank you for posting such beautiful stories. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s installment of the Babywearing Celebration…

  14. Shelby MacLeish says:

    I loved wearing my son who is now 20 months and would still wear him except that I am starting to get a bit too pregnant. We used slings, the mei tei and becco for him and when my husband saw the Moby in the shopping cart for this baby he asked “do you really need another carrier?” I told him yes as I am excited to wear the new babe in the Moby as I chase around my toddler. I would love to win the Moby, thanks for having this contest.

  15. Sarah says:

    I am newer to the babywearing thing, and i am in love…i can’t wait to feel more confident in that i can put it one right every time 🙂

    My little girl in now 7 weeks old and loves to be close to mommy, the sling/wrap make this possible so much more!!!!

  16. Liz says:

    My husband and I “fight” over who gets to wear our baby when we’re out doing errands. We have a baby bjorn, which works well for more “intense” walking experiences (and hiking), and we each have a hotsling in a size that fits us. She loves riding in those. So cute!

  17. Kim V. says:

    Thanks for raising awareness about babywearing! I love both my Ergo and Moby wrap and cannot imagine how I’d manage without babywearing in my life. I have a 6 month old and a 2-1/2 year old; babywearing lets me keep both my daughters happy!

  18. Kim V. says:

    The smile (and the sleeping babe) in the first photo is mine!

    Thanks to MamaShift and Meg Grant for sharing their beautiful stories; they were heartwarming, literally and figuratively.

  19. Katherine Hoeksema says:

    These words take me back to when my boy was smaller…he is is almost 2 and 1/2 and we get our carrying in with an Ergo now. From infanthood to I don’t know…a year? it was Moby all the way. I had a sling too, but found that as he got heavier it hurt my body after 15 minutes or so. But I was rarely sore from a Moby. I love the front carry–my boy still requests it if he’s having trouble sleeping or feeling blue. I know for me baby-wearing has been a way to boost my confidence as a new mom, because I am able to quickly “read” his needs. Not always, but many times being close to mama or papa is the biggest need he has. Thanks for this celebration–I love all the photos!

  20. jen says:

    I wore my daughter from her first week of outside life. As I recall, I was the first in our circle to do so. It was so fun to walk around town and see the faces : ) I must say most people were very curious and offered supportive comments. I was also surprised at how easy nursing was when we were out and about. As my circle grew, more and more mamas began to wear their babies and we had quite the impressive stash of carriers. It was always fun to swap and try something new. As my little one was first here during the cold Northern WI winter, we enjoyed the Kangaroo Korner (fleece) carrier. My partner had one too, (his size).

    I am expecting my second child in a few months, and I think the babywearing (and nursing) are my most looked-forward-to moments : )

    Thanks for hosting this great topic!

  21. Liz says:

    Thank you so much for posting these beautiful stories and photos! They brought tears to my eyes as I remembered the relief and overwhelming love I felt wearing my son. We are expecting another lil one in June and I am so looking forwarding to wrapping up a wee one!

  22. Katrina Klauer says:

    The stories are wonderful to read and I went to the link for the moby I was having questions to if it could be used as a facing out carrier too. I do not have an out facing carrier and my almost 6mt loves to look out.

  23. HereWeGoAJen says:

    If I hadn’t had a wrap to wear my baby in, I don’t know what we would have done. Our newborn was a bit on the persnickety side and she loved to be in her wrap, snuggled up against me. It saved many a naptime for us.

  24. Harry says:

    My wife (is pregnant with our first) has been showing me all of these baby carriers and videos about them… now I’m seeing them everywhere!! 🙂

  25. Shana says:

    I remember the day when members of a local babywearing group showed me how to use my Moby. With my son snuggled securely next to my chest, I felt as comforted and content as he seemed to feel.

    My friend’s baby is due to arrive any day now and I’d hope to share my love of babywearing with her.

    Thank you for sharing these important stories and generous giveaways!

  26. Denise says:

    Ohmigosh, that photo of my husband in the red moby wearing our week old son, Cedar, brings back so many memories. . . there were lots of tears those first few months but I swear every time I brought out the red swath of fabric (um, every day, many many times a day) he would immediately stop fussing because he new what was coming. Today he’s 3 and a 1/2 and still loves to climb up into the ergo from time to time.

  27. debra says:

    I am past needing a wrap, though my five year old still asks to get in our ergo, but wanted to say thank you for doing this! I can’t imagine not having the gift of wearing my babes (i really miss it!), and found the stories you shared today moving.

  28. Grandma Cathy says:

    My daughter is due in August with her first baby and I would absolutely love to give her a Moby or a sling as a gift! These stories were beautiful.

  29. Lisa Hanson says:

    Before my son was born (3 months ago, yesterday) I was sure that I would wear him everywhere. No baby would change my normal schedule. Ha! Silly me. The first 2 months we struggled with a breastfeeding issue (which I successfully conquered!) and I just can’t seem to get the hang of the couple slings we were given (one of them being the recalled one, yikes!). My husband uses a homemade ring sling with much success, but it doesn’t seem to be for me. Maybe the moby would’ve been a better choice, I so want to have a beautiful picture with my little Fritz like the ones you have on your site! And is there one that works better for breastfeeding? Not that I need to cover it anymore, with Wisconsin changing their breastfeeding law, woo hoo!!

  30. Grace says:

    Great start to the babywearing week! Its funny the cost difference, here is Australia moby wraps are about $65 I think. Due to the cost I made my own out of material from the local fabric shop but now that bub number 2 is on the way and my first will on be 19 months, I really want to get a moby.

  31. Rachel Wolf says:

    We cheered the BF law here too! The Moby is awesome for nursing, but Ive nursed in all of my carriers successfully – Moby, Ergo, Over the Shoulder Baby Holder sling, mei tai, etc. Check out todays post (post 2). There is some information about struggling with getting the hang of a carrier.


  32. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thanks so much for your note. I remember when Lupine was 6 months old and tied to me in the Moby, Sage was five and on Petes back in the Ergo. So sweet that we can still lift them up and celebrate their smallness even as they grow big.

    ~ Rachel

  33. Faye E. Hunt says:

    Your site was shared with me by a friend in a local mom’s group that I am a member of (and her photo is featured in this special!). I am now ready to take the plunge and use a moby wrap with my next child; whenever he or she may come into existence. I had tried a number of different slings and a baby bjorn with my now one-year old son and wasn’t thrilled with the experience overall; although the bjorn did come in handy at times. However, I have always wanted to use a wrap since I am very much aware of the benefits of babywearing, but never felt successful in figuring out how they work. This site has helped inspire me to do it the next time around, and now I have babywearing mamas in the mom’s group who can help me first hand. Thank you for shedding more light onto babywearing and giving me confidence to do it when I get another chance at growing my family!

  34. Julie T. says:

    We used a Moby Wrap to carry our daughter for the first 5 or 6 months of her life. It was wonderful! And organic, too! It was so easy to put on, way much easier than learning to use a woven wrap. My daughter loved it, I carried her while I was cooking, walking at the park, doing errands, working on the computer, vaccuuming, name it! Of course she did her naps in it and it was wonderful to get her to sleep when we were away from home. I am due with baby #2 in October and can’t wait to use my Moby again, but would love to win this one so I can offer it to a pregnant friend!

  35. Kari B. says:

    Aw, baby Johnny made this post 3(!) times 🙂 Really enjoying the stories and photos. We’ve used our wraps, a handmade moby and a mei-tai, since he was a week old. Bundled winter walks were how he would take his afternoon naps every day. Now at six months he wants to look more than sleep so he faces out quite a bit. But my absolute favorite part about these wraps is the ease of nursing! Grocery shopping, thrift marketing, rushing through the airport trying to make connecting flights- it has been indispensable in us keeping up a lot of our normal routine and still being there 110% for our little one. He knows he is our first priority and is comfortable everywhere we go with him. He’s our first and I feel very blessed to have been surrounded by baby-wearing mums to plant the idea in my head before we even knew he existed.
    Yay for such an amazing group of parents here who are willing to share all this goodness with the world!! Thank you Clean.!

  36. LaLibertad says:

    The time spent with my son in the Moby & Maya is precious to me. He was never much of a cuddler and once he was able to push himself away, he did. So those few moments when he was too tired or too overstimulated was mama time, head right under my chin.

  37. Amber says:

    I use my moby everyday,I get so many positive comments! I love having my baby so close to me, and he loves it to!! I am always recommending the wrap to anyone with a baby, or pregnant, friends, and strangers!!

  38. Katie says:

    My son was born with bi-lateral kidney failure and has to have many surgerys to help his kidneys work. from the time he was born and through all of his surgerys he stayed wrapped to me in a hand me down moby (that has since be handed down again) I feel it was the best for him in recovery and healing. I even had the nurses asking me where my wrap was when Blake became fussy! I hope that my little girl, coming this August, will treasure being so close to me the way Blake did!

  39. Jill Pick says:

    I have a 2 1/2 year old who I breastfeed exclusively for a year. Breastfeeding changed my life and is now my passion. I live everyday to help moms overcome the barriers and struggles to breastfeed. MOBY WRAP has helped make that possible. I first learned about the MOBY WRAP last year when I was helping to organize a breastfeeding fair. I contacted MOBY WRAP and then donated one to give away as a door prize. Once it was recieved I was saddened that I had to give it away as I was hooked. The material was so soft and the many different ways you can carry a baby at different ages made it so unique. I since have recieved a MOBY WRAP of my own and have used it several times with my friends daugther who I watch on Wednesday who is 3 months old. She absoultely LOVES it. I can’t wait to have my next baby (we just started trying for baby #2) as I know the MOBY WRAP with be a lifesaver for breastfeeding on the go and in public and a great way to bond and stay connected with my baby. MOBY WRAP is by far one of my favorite baby products and I WOULD LOVE TO WIN ANOTHER ONE! Thanks so much!

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Love the story! I can relate, as all of my children slept with me, and on me from the very beginning. I love it, and I think because of that and wearing them they are happy, healthy and amazing children.

  41. Lorah says:

    I love love love wearing my little man. Sadly, though, I have only a ring sling, and with his 25lb booty, its quite painful. I’d love a Moby though, my friends swear by them! But on military pay, thats not exactly an option!

  42. Molly says:

    I’d love to win. What a great post! I enjoy Mothering’s babywearing handout as well–it is amazing. My first son *lived* in his sling and my second in our Ergo. I don’t know how I would have survived parenting an infant without babywearing!

  43. Laura Francisco says:

    I love my Moby Wrap and want one in every color!!! I’m afraid it’s going to get too warn out, I wear my son so much!!! He loves being in there and close to me and it’s just so comfy!!!

  44. claudia says:

    Moby wraps are the best! I just had our 5th baby and wish I would have had one 11 years ago when we had our first! My son loves to be held up against my chest too and today you’ve inspired me to wear him more!

  45. Candice Orpesa says:

    I looooove wearing my baby!!!! and i hear soo much good things about the moby wrap…we are using a ring sling…and the only thing is it really sometimes bothers my shoulders…so would looooove to win lol

  46. Meredith says:

    Yea for Babywearing! We have loved it at our house and our 6 month old does too. Thanks for bringing so much awareness to the joys and benefits of babywearing!

  47. Amanda says:

    Baby wearing is so important to connecting and bonding and helping your baby to not feel alone … ever! I wish I had known this 12= yrs ago I would’ve worn my baby all the time! But I do plan on wearing my newest nephew/neice when he/she is born anytime I have him/her! Keep wearing your babies people, you will see the difference trust me!

  48. Jamie says:

    I have a Peanut Shell sling, a Moby wrap, a Baby Bjorn, and an Ergo carrier for my 2 month old and 20 month old. Can you tell we love to carry our babies??? I love them all at different stages and for different reasons. My husband loves to carry our babies, too! It is a great bonding experience for him and our babies.

  49. Melinda J says:

    I love your story! Thank you for sharing. I’m a first time mom and I started with a mei tai and a ring sling. I struggled with positioning, learned a lot, and I think I’ll do a lot better the next time around. I’m currently using an Ergo with my 11 month old and he and I love it. I was intimidated by the Moby but now that I’m feeling more confident I look forward to trying one with the next baby.

  50. Bethany says:

    Babywearing is the best! I love carrying my baby boy in the Beco (and he loves it to!). It has been perfect at home and out on the town. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  51. twigandtoadstool says:

    I’m an advocate of baby wearing…it not only leads to happier babies, but happier parents as well. There is nothing like it, and I hope all us baby wearers can inspire others to do the same!

  52. Devon Kinne says:

    Something that I really held in my heart is when my 5.5 year old held my 1 year old in a carrier. He said – Mom! I can hold and snuggle “M” now just like you! He doesn’t have the confidence to hold him in just his arm but felt more confident holding him in the Kozy (not that he went anywhere, just walking around the carpeted family room, but it helped my 1 year old settle down, and the looks of love between the two of them were thankfully captured on film, but will never leave my heart.

  53. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for putting the spotlight on babywearing. I didn’t truely find out about it till my third and really feel like I missed out on something special with my first two.

  54. Susan Monahan says:

    With baby #2 coming in Aug. I am dreaming of baby wearing. I can’t even imagine taking care of my 2 yr old son with a new born and not having free hands. My only concern is how to get those wraps on just by myself and baby in it, I know it can’t be rocket science but it sure looks like it when I am looking at all the pictures!!

  55. Sara B says:

    I used my mei tai and ring sling all the time with my first baby (who’s now 2), and I’m look forward to using them with my second this summer (and maybe trying out some new ones, too!).

  56. sara says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog! Thank you for giving us a peek into your world and sharing your knowledge with us 🙂

  57. Iris says:

    Thank you for all these wonderful stories and pieces of advice. Love that series!
    I started babywearing with my daughter when she was just a few weeks old. She had hip dysplacia and had to wear a harness for the first 3 months of her life, so the baby björns and such were not an option to begin with. And I’m glad it wasn’t! I had her in a Didymos-wrap often, and loved it. And I did the same with my son, who is now 7 months old and loves being in his carrier (a Beco carrier, and sometimes also the Didymos). I’ve never had a Moby wrap, but it looks very, very comfortable…

  58. melissa says:

    I’d love to try a moby wrap! At first I was intimidated by them, but I tried on a friend’s and they are so comfy!

  59. Ariana says:

    This was so sweet! I have a bad back and was looking for a good carrier that wouldn’t break it LOL I had purchased the Infantino sling and then returned it a day later (before the recall) so I am SOOO happy about that. I looked all over the internet and had never seen or even heard of Moby but when I read all of the reviews I had o have one! It doesn’t hurt my back at all and it’s comfy, easy to use and most of all my baby loves to be worn! Everywhere I go now, people ask me what my Moby is and where I got it and they just love it as much as I do!

  60. Kellianne S. says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! The positive publicity for babywearing is so needed right now. I have been babywearing for 9 years, its a must with a toddler and running errands.

  61. Mamatoto says:

    My baby and I lived in our 2 Mobys for 10 months before moving on to another carrier. I’ve been thinking lately of picking it up again and trying it in the back carry, but I’ve lent both Mobys out to other moms. So I’d love to have another one of my own again!

  62. Leslie says:

    I have been so inspired this week. Hoping to win my first carrier…and determined to find a mentor to help me make it work.

  63. Katie says:

    The pictures are beautiful! All those happy babes!
    TITLE: Remembering babywearing.
    BLOG NAME: Summer Sky: Learning as I go
    DATE: 04/12/2010 09:53:04 PM
    Babywearing celebration week is in full swing over at Clean., and there are so many special stories and photos to enjoy if you stop by. I have such fond memories of carrying my babies. They were almost always in a…

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