Babywearing Celebration Day 4: Together as a Family



Before we dive in on this beautiful day of babywearing I wanted to remind you all that you can make one comment per post. That means that you can also comment on the posts from earlier in the week to be entered there as well. Six chances to win something groovy!

Comments on all posts will close on Saturday at Midnight CST. Happy babywearing!


Togetherness by Marguerite Moon

When I carry my daughter around with me we do things together. Whether we are making dinner, washing diapers, exploring a mossy tree, helping build a greenhouse watching some auto repair, walking the dog, dancing, carrying firewood we are together both experiencing these activities. She is gaining an understanding of the world of work and play in our lives.

I feel a connection with women of Africa and Asia who do not have the luxury of putting their working lives on hold while they are pregnant and have a baby. Who need to bring their babe with them where ever they go and whatever they do. These women carry their babes to keep them close and safe from harm while they take care of their lives.


I choose and need to live in a similar way; to carry my child so we can be together as a family safely. When she is in her carrier I can actively take part in our off the grid independent life.  I have no worries when she sleeps in her carrier I simply pause for a moment and feel her belly breathing into my back then continue with my work. She awakens calmly knowing I am still with her. Her father takes a moment to smile at her and ask how her nap was. Then we continue working together, babe on my back watching.

Find Your Mentor

We've talked a great deal about quality carriers this week. But something that keeps coming up is this: find a mentor. Find someone who is more experienced (or more laid back) than you and get some babywearing help. There was a time in our collective history that we as women were surrounded by a community who supported us through our transition into motherhood. We birthed with them, had their support as we learned to nurse, they held our babies so we could bathe, eat, rest. And they taught us how to wear our children.

While most of us no longer live within such a vital, supportive community or tribe, we can still find those kindred spirits to help guide our journey. Mentors may be found through a local La Leche League group, a Babywearing group, a new mama group, or a retail store. I once recommend to an isolated urban friend to "stalk the babywearing mamas" she saw around her city.


The Giveaways

Today is our big day – three carriers plus a babywearing DVD. One winner will receive an ERGObaby carrier. A second winner will receive a Kozy Carrier Mei Tai. A third winner will receive a Catbird Baby Mei Tai from Happy Bambino. And finally, our fourth winner will receive a copy of the Tummy 2 Tummy babywearing DVD. (Whew!)

Thanks to all donors for making this such an incredible week. To be entered in today's drawing, leave a comment on today's post. Include a benefit (or challenge) you see in finding your community as a parent.

Remember – you can enter once per day all week long to increase your odds at winning the carrier of your (and your baby's) dreams!

Comments are closed. I'll announce winners later this week!

Happy Bambino Interview

Because they sell my organic baby care products in their retail store, I've been working with the women of Happy Bambino since they opened 5 1/2 years ago. I've seen first hand the positive impact their resource center has on parents in their Madison, Wisconsin community. Each time my farmer's market conversation turns to the ups and downs of nursing, cosleeping, or babywearing I find myself drawing them a map to Happy Bambino. Thanks, Happy Bambino for the Catbird Baby Mei Tai donation!

Clean: What makes your store one of the best?

Happy Bambino: We research every carrier we sell and we work with parents daily to offer in-depth support of baby carriers.  We are using the carriers with customers and with our own children.   We also teach classes on babywearing & baby-soothing for more in-depth information.

Clean: Any babywearing tips for beginners?

Happy Bambion: Being confident yourself with a carrier is crucial to getting the baby to feel comfortable and happy in it.  So pick a high-quality  easy to use carrier as your first carrier.  Make sure you can get help if you need it from someone who is competent with that carrier.

Clean: What else should we know about your company or babywearing in general?

Happy Bambino: Check out our babywearing page for tips, videos, and a history of babywearing:


ERGObaby Interview

You've heard me extol the virtues of the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. You've heard me gush over the Moby Wrap. The Ergo is my third and final non-negotiable baby carrier.

Lupine is 3 1/2 and just today we were on a wild edible hike. On the steep hills she climbed up into the Ergo when she (or I) was worried she might take a tumble. It is still comfortable, still calming for her, and still holding up beautifully. Even now (with my last baby already 3 1/2 years old) if I lost my Ergo I think I'd buy another one. It's that worth it.


 Clean: What makes your carrier one of the best?

Ergo: The ERGObaby Carrier’s ergonomic design supports your baby’s natural seated position, eliminating compression of his/her hips and spine.  The carefully researched design also supports your posture by distributing your baby’s weight between your shoulders and hips, thus allowing you to comfortably carry your baby for hours at a time. Additionally, it can be worn on the front, back, and hip position, making it one of the most versatile carriers on the market. Finally, since you can carry babies from newborn (with the Infant Insert) to 40 lbs, it is truly the only baby carrier you will ever need!

Clean: Why do you believe caregives should wear their babies?

Ergo: Babies love to be close to their parents, and Babywearing enables busy parents to continue with their daily lives while supporting their baby in a natural, comfortable, and safe way.

Clean: Any babywearing tips for beginners?

Ergo: Don’t wait until baby is crying to pick her up – when you are around the house, put her in the carrier while you do chores. Go for a walk with baby. Let baby rock to sleep with the familiar rhythm of your body. Let Babywearing simplify your life.

Kozy Carrier Interview

I'm familair with the Kozy Carrier from several friends who've enjoyed their immensely. But I didn't anticipate how much I would enjoy my interview with founder and owner Kelley. She's my kind of mama. I love that her interview is not so much talking up her own product as talking up babywearing in general.

I've tried to edit down all of the interview to just a few brief paragraphs. Her's breaks the mold (and is totally worth the read.)

Thanks so much, Kelley for your thoughtful words.



Clean: What makes your carrier one of the best?

Kozy: There are so many great carriers out there, way more than there were when I started babywearing back in 2000, and more than there were when I designed the Kozy in 2002.  So Kozy is just one in a large 'stash' of wonderful carriers!

The Kozy was the first "modern" mei tai to have padded straps, a padded curved top, and a pocket. It has often been referred to as the "Gold Standard" of mei tais. I think the beauty is in it's simplicity.  No buckles, no added gadgets, no clasps or elastic or frills or loop or cinches.  We keep it simple, easy to use and versatile.  The large body means that it fits the smallest baby to the largest toddler.  The fabric is flexible so it can be manipulated, the wide base can be scrunched together to allow a little baby to ride with legs out, yet it is wide enough to support the long legs of an older child.  It is tall to provide head support to a sleeping baby yet you can fold it to make it shorter if needed. Of course the overall mei tai design makes it very user friendly for all body types and sizes. 


(Photo above borrowed from the Kozy Carrier website… because I couldn't resist the "mochi dolls", as Lupine says.)



Clean: Why do you believe caregivers wear their babies?

Kozy: I think a lot of moms wear their babies because it is just easier to meet their needs that way and get things done at the same time, especially if you have a baby (like all 5 of mine) who doesn't like to be put down.  We have busy lives and when you have a baby that needs to be carried 24/7 and other children or other work that needs to be done then wearing them is the perfect solution.  We know our babies need to be kept close, and even if my babies weren't as high needs, I would still wear them.  They become bonded to us and when we wear them on our bodies there is better communication and we can meet their needs easier. Of course I wear them too because I think it is the most natural way to care for them.  It is also wonderful for breastfeeding.  I babywear constantly, in fact, I have 5 kids and we don't even own a stroller.



Clean: Any babywearing tips for beginners?

Kozy: Babywearing is an art and for some it comes naturally and they and their babies just "get it" but for others it takes some time and practice to get the techniques down and that is OK. It is perfectly  normal.  Some babies don't take to new things well and if we are anxious about them then they pick up on that.  It is best to start when your baby is happy and fed and for us to start with carries that we are comfortable with and to have a spotter or whatever we need to make us feel more confidant.  It is OK if baby fusses a little when you are putting them on, it is normal for them to protest new things.  Once they are on and secure and mom starts moving and talking to them (a walk outside helps a ton) then they usually settle right down and enjoy the ride, and usually end up loving being worn.  Customers often e-mail us asking what we sprinkle on the Kozy that makes their babies fall asleep so easily in them.  I know it is because the baby is comfortable and feels comfy and secure on mom . . . what better environment for restful sleep.

Some babies prefer one type of carrier or one carry over another, so being able to try different carriers or ways to carry them helps. And just because one carrier doesn't work well for you or your baby doesn't mean another won't.  

There are SO many wonderful carriers out there, and just because one person can't get a particular type of carrier to work for them does not mean it won't work well for you.  I highly recommend searching to see if you can find a local babywearing group or store where you can go and try several different types of carriers as well as getting help from people who know what they are doing if you have any wearing questions.  And if you buy a carrier and you and your baby are having issues getting it to work for you ALWAYS contact the manufacturer to get help!!  Most of the issues people have had with the Kozy are simple things that I could have helped with if only I was contacted and able to troubleshoot with them. 


Clean: What else should we know about your company or babywearing in general?

Kozy: Babywearing is in my opinion one of the most important tools of mothering.  I say all a new mom really needs is a set of lactating boobs and a good sling (or 3, LOL, though even a bedsheet will work in a pinch).  There is no better way to ensure your baby's safety than to have them close to your body.  If you are using a good sling (it should mimick your arms, how you would hold your baby) and using it properly, then babywearing is absolutely safe.

Some people view babywearing as some 'hippy trend' or something.  But that is an unfortunate cultural view in some areas (thankfully not all).  In other cultures babywearing is seen as the norm, perhaps one day we will get to that point as well.  But for now, it matters little to me what others think about it.  I care more about what I feel is best for my baby, and if people look at me like I have 2 heads then so be it!  The more people see babywearing the more acceptable it will become . . . so I encourage others to join with me in wearing their babies if they too feel it is best, sharing the positives aspects of babywearing with others, and helping to make babywearing more acceptable in our society!

Kozy Carrier is offering free shipping on any US orders during the month of April ($12 off shipping for international orders). Mention in the comments field of your order that you heard about them on Clean and your shipping fees will be refunded!




91 thoughts on “Babywearing Celebration Day 4: Together as a Family

  1. twigandtoadstool says:

    We’re looking forward to starting a baby carrier co-op in our little community, (hopefully this fall)…to encourage women to carry their babies on them, close to their hearts. I still wear my 1 1/2 yr old, and truly, carrying her not only calms her down, but calms me down too!!
    Would love to win!

  2. katrina klauer says:

    I love the double carrying I think I would buckle under the weight my 2 year old is already 34lbs! we just got back from a family trip where daddy carried our 2 year old in the ergo and I carried our 6 mt old (17.5#) in the mei tei an our 4 year old was walking with us ! very helpful to navigate our way in and out of the disney parks and airports!

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    I wish I was more of the laid-back babywearing mentor type. I thought of helping you with the moby often while I wrote that post. The suggestions to move, move, move and do it when your baby is wakefull and happy were things I never thought of. Now go give the Moby another shot! xoxoxo Rachel

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    The mom with the green sling is a regular double-wearer. Mine was a one-shot deal with two same aged kids. It was very fun, but tiring!

  5. Katie R says:

    This is such a wonderful lineup of experiences and photos–thank you! I am enjoying this series very much. I bought a over the shoulder holder for my eldest but was too intimidated to try it while she was tiny. When it came to my middle baby, I had an ergo and LOVED it. Now we have another tiny due in a few weeks and I would love to try a mei tei. I think one of the challenges that I face in finding my community as a parent is that in my area there are few likeminded mothers–most of them are located closer to the coast.

  6. kendra says:

    the backpack carrier is the only one missing from our collection (i guess a ring sling too)! finding community as a parent reminds me of a rough colicky evening out on our front porch, a babywearing, dog walking mama shouted to me ‘it gets better!’ it was so reassuring!

  7. Kendra says:

    I wore my babe all day yesterday – out and about in the glorious Wisconsin sunshine! Had a problem getting him on my back in the Ergo, though (he JUST turned one and gets a wriggly when I try to put him on my back). Any suggestions on how to get babe on your back when you are by yourself? I’ve read the directions. Perhaps I’m just no coordinated enough!

  8. Sommer says:

    Our community is blessed to have a local shop that offers free babywearing classes every month. Thanks to their help I started wearing my baby from the first week. Encouragement and know how really inspires.

  9. Stephie says:

    I would love to win either the Ergo or the Mei Tei – but especially the Ergo. So awesome – can’t wait to wear two babies at once one day! What Rockin mommas!

  10. elizabeth jeanne says:

    I have terrible Ergo lust. I’ve been blessed by a Moby (which I called “crack for the baby”) he loved it and so did I. NOw that he is squirmier we use a ring sling that is falling to pieces, but that I love. I hope to get an Ergo somehow because I think it will be easier on my back! WOO! Thanks Rachel – it’s SO good to see all the love after the nasty spate of sling criticism. way to GO!

  11. Cassandra says:

    I really like the sound of this Ergo for my 23lb 1yr old. The Baby Bjorn wrenches my back…along with making the baby uncomfortable. This one seems to take a lot of the stress off the back and shoulders. I think this may be the one I am going to go look at this weekend.

  12. Shannon Anderson says:

    Oh the plethora of baby carriers! I love em all!They have made my life (and my husband’s life) so much easier… Traveling for us is such a breeze because of them. It’s funny how many people are impressed with our flexibility and adventureness. I attribute most of it to wearing our little Eli.

  13. Brooke says:

    I, too, would love an ergo… I have talked myself out of buying one for so long! But to win any of these carriers would be awesome. Even just reading about all this baby love is enough… thank you for this week. I have found myself wanting to carry my littlest all the time!

  14. Nicole H. says:

    Hi! Your kids are very lovely. My husband and I are 1st time parents-to-be and we are very excited and nervous at the same time. I’ve been doing some research about baby carriers and I hear good things about ERGObaby carriers. But, after coming to your site and review, I realized there are so many other great carriers. A benefit in finding my community as a parent is the support and sharing of experiences. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  15. Morgan says:

    Oh wow, the Kozy Carriers have such gorgeous fabrics to choose from! Oh and the kwippy!!! TOO CUTE! I want to buy 10 of them already.
    I am considering speaking to my midwife to find groups or mentors – I’d love to go to babywearing groups, attachment parenting groups, and EC groups (OR of course just find one that covers all of them. My dream is that an EC group of parents exists in this town and that would cover it for us.)I really want to go to meetings before this babe is born so I have the confidence and help I need from the start.

  16. Meg says:

    Getting used to having 2 boys, a busy 4-year old and a 6-month old has made me more aware of the importance of carriers.

  17. Kirsten says:

    I would love to be entered in the giveaways! I am expecting my third and will definitely need my hands free to wrangle my two oldest when the baby comes 🙂

  18. sarah says:

    the ergo absolutely saved my life with fussy baby #2, and has been a blessing this time around too. so comfortable! would love to try the other types — they are so lovely looking!

  19. lisset says:

    look at those mamas carrying double! that is impressive! hoping to get a chance to try out the ergo 🙂

  20. Monica says:

    My husband and I wear our 8 month old in a moby right now. I really wish that we had taken more time to get him used to it when he was a tiny thing. He loves it now, but seeing the pictures with the little ones being worn really makes me wish I would have worn him more when he was younger.
    And yes, I am just as impressed by all the double wearing as everyone else!!

  21. kelly says:

    lovely pictures, i miss the mei tai i sold on & i’ve never given an ergo a go! what a great chance to get my hands on one!

  22. Gloria says:

    Love all the baby wearing options!

    One big benefit of finding my community as a parent is that I hear the pros and cons about the issues that matter to me – and I learn something new all the time!

  23. Janea Weisensel says:

    I have wanted an Ergo ever since my first child was born (I now have 3 children). I have tried to sew some carriers but they turned out not quite right. The only one I do like to use, is made with wool. So I can’t use it in the summer. I would love to win any one of these awesome carriers because, with three kids under the age of 4, it’s hard to go on walks as a family.
    I wish all of these companies years of success!

  24. Rachel Wolf says:

    The back carry takes practice (for parent and child). Try it on your knees in the center of your bed, seated so that you feel more confident and safe. And if you can, get a spotter to guide your child up while you get the hang of it. There is another way to do it where you prop him on the couch seated on your carrier, then you sit (so hes behind you, clip in and raise up the back. Does that make sense?


  25. Rachel Wolf says:

    Oh, what a blessing! That gave me goosebumps. When my child was colicky and I would walk him people would come out of their houses to make sure everything was okay. But no reassurance in their worried gazes…


  26. gardenmama says:

    These posts are gorgeous, thank you for shining a light on wearing our babies! I am a huge supporter of it and am so thankful to have had that time with my babes so close to me for so long!

  27. Erin says:

    It’s true, there are soooo many great choices out there today. My almost two year old and I are like one with the awesome Ergo. It does take practice to get them safely on your back when they are younger…start with a spotter, but it is well worth it. Love this discussion. Thank you, awesome Rachel, and the amazing sponsers. *Anything* to help spread the good word! xoxo

  28. caitlin says:

    I love getting to know new carriers during this event! I’m sure it is going to be dangerous on the ol’ budget as I don’t think I will be able to resist them all!

  29. Emmy says:

    I started babywearing long before I even had children of my own. As babysitter for the younger half of my eight siblings I quickly found how convenient it was to wear a baby. I always knew that I’d wear my own babies. But it wasn’t until I had my own that I got a sense of the bonding that comes from baby wearing. Particularly when our second was born premature and spent 7 weeks in the NICU. I thought the whole time of how I was going to wear this boy day and night to make up for lost bonding time. I’ve wore both my babies, never at the same time – kudos to those mamas! My two year old still loves to go in the carrier. We like a wrap in the early weeks, but then we almost exclusively use a mei tai. It works so nice front or back regardless of how big or small.
    What a wonderful celebration you’re hosting Rachel!

  30. Tania says:

    I love the Ergo. It is a wonderful carrier to take hiking. You said to comment on the babywearing support that I found. I have to admit, I never found someone in real life to help me. I completely taught myself through the info on the internet. The most helpful sites for me were, and I learned so much from those two sites!!

  31. Lucy says:

    I love my ergo! It is great to see other tandem babywearing pictures. I just tandem wore my two girls today for the first time to go to the library book sale. I would love another ergo or a mei tai

  32. Casey says:

    I love seeing all the pictures of wearing two… babywearing has helped me maintain a close bond with my older boy while still providing my youngest with the nurturing he needs…I can wear them both end will enjoy each snuggle!

  33. Denise says:

    I stalled on buying the ergo with our first, because they were so pricey – but it has been worth every penny three fold! And the mei tai I also love – especially because you can get your babe why up high on your back so that they can peek over your shoulder – I’ve been doing this with our second babe since she was weeks old and she LOVES watching me in the kitchen this way. I have some friends and family that will be having their first babies in the next year and would love to give a carrier as a gift! Rockin’ giveaways this week!

  34. Betsy says:

    I LOVE the Ergo! Helped so much with me newborn and then-23 month old son. I was able to do ANYTHING! I would love to be entered to win for my neighbor…she’s expecting TWINS (and already has a 2 and 4 year old!) And I can’t wait to open up the whole new world of Ergo for her!

  35. Heather Polacek Haas says:

    I have evolved in baby carrying over the years. First I loved the Bjorn. Then I loved the pouch. Now I love the ring sling. I am a mother 5 of boys, the youngest being 10 months old. I love to carry him around! I am always so surprised when I go someplace and see I am the ONLY person with a baby carrier on. I think it is ssoooo sad. I would love another baby carrier! I have thought about trying some of the newer types out there and with summer coming, I will be using my carrier a lot. With 5 boys I need ALL the hands I can get 🙂

  36. katherine says:

    I was lucky enough to have a friend who received two Ergos and was willing to just pass one on to us! Otherwise I would never have known the joy of wearing my one-year-old around (we owned a Moby, but she grew out of that very early on!). I’m so glad to live in a community that has stores like Happy Bambino passing on knowledge about the benefits of baby-wearing!

  37. Devon Kinn says:

    I absolutely love the Ergo and the Kozy. The Kozy was my first non-sling carrier and it saved my sanity with my huge first kiddo. I have three boys now and don’t go a day without baby wearing. We’re moving to a new city where it is NOT the norm, so I plan on trying to start up a baby wearing group, and continuing to wear my kids and extol the virtues whenever I see a new mom. Having a mentor is a huge, key factor.

    I love all the pictures!

  38. Danielle says:

    I would LOVE to add an ergo or a mei tei to our babywearing collection.

    As for finding my community, well, it is an ongoing process. Often I feel like a goose within a group of ducks, but with time I am finding my niche.

  39. Tara says:

    Beautiful, beautiful photos! I still wear my 18 month old daughter, in fact when she wants to she pulls our wrap put of the cabinet and brings it to me.

  40. Jennifer says:

    I would love to be one of the winners!! With 4 kids including a 1 yr old that has to be held all the time, I wouldn’t get anything done without my wraps and kozy.

  41. Liz says:

    When my son was five months old a woman in our community started a babywearing group. I was using a hotsling and ergo at the time, but really wanted to figure out the moby and was totally intimidated by the length. I was also feeling really isolated home with our lil one and without any Mama friends. I went to that first babywearing meeting and found the community and help I was looking for. Since that first meeting, I’ve made wonderful friends and have finally found the connections in our community I was longing for. It is one of my favorite days of the month!

  42. Susan Monahan says:

    I am dreaming of babywearing since #2 is going to be here in Aug. I love looking at all those wrap but they look so complicated and so I now have my heart set on the Ergo, I have heard many wonderful things about it!!!

  43. Christa says:

    I love babywearing, it’s my favorite part of having babies! I’ve worn both of my kids since birth, and yesterday my 3 1/2 year old brought me a Kozy and told me he wanted to sleep in the sling! They know that slings are good stuff!

  44. Star Hargrove says:

    Community is so important! I read about babywearing, watched DVD’s, looked at photos, watched youtube, chatted online and etc. But it wasn’t until an LLL meeting with 2 helpful confident mommas that it all clicked and became nature to me, an extension of my arms lovingly holding my little one to soothe, for adventure, for chores, shopping, dancing, sickness and late nights-really all the time! I chat with every babywearer I see out and about. An LLL is starting in my town and I am hopeful!

  45. Lori Beske says:

    WOW, you guys have awsome information here, i’ve never been to your site. If I may suggest another place for baby wareing it would be Nicki’s Diapers. They also have babywaring classes and carriers to choose from – two awsome stores that I cant seem to stay away from (happy bambino and nickis). I have a 4 month old son that is a cuddly baby and loves being worn. I’ve got a Moby and Kangaroo carrier – he loves sleeping in the Kangaroo. I’ve longed to try an Ergo now that my son is getting heavier – I think it would help my backach. Would love to be entered in your drawing. Oh and the shots of the double carrying are so wonderful – not sure my body could take it but they are amazing to see 🙂

  46. Denise says:

    The first time I saw a mom wearing a baby in a real carrier I was amazed. It was about 15 years ago at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. After that I DREAMED about having and carrying a baby in one of those. It let me feel close and it was such a help with my REFLUX, colic-ie baby.

  47. Danika Brubaker says:

    Great post! I can’t wait to wear my first little one in a carrier, good baby-head-smelling opportunities abound with a carrier instead of a stroller. 🙂

  48. Paula says:

    We’re expecting our first baby this summer and are committed to babywearing, but still deciding what we want to use. Thanks for highlighting some of the great options out there!

  49. Katrina says:

    Love, love, love babywearing – how do people do it any other way. The Ergo is the best – am excited to be able to use it with #3!!

  50. Alison M. says:

    Indeed the ergo is the carrier of my dreams. My lovely little girl is one week old today. All day I’ve been chasing around her stinky older brother. How I wish I could have an intuitive baby carrier so she can participate ( a la mama) in his misadventures!

  51. Lisa Hanson says:

    Success! After following this babywearing week blog, I started to feel a little braver. My husband and I went to the Wildlife Sanctuary a little bit ago and he (the ring sling pro) helped me get it on and adjusted, and then loaded little Fritz in. He didn’t scream! And then he fell asleep!I have never enjoyed a walk more. And then it started raining, nothing better than a walk in a warm rain! I just put the sling’s tail over baby’s head, and he never even woke up. Not sure the ring sling is for me, but it was still incredible! Oh, and did I mention the sun came out at the end and there was a rainbow? Perfect!!!

  52. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful story of the power of community. I really believe that finding our people makes all the difference in our experience of motherhood.

  53. Rachel Wolf says:

    Lisa! That is FANTASTIC! You are rocking the babywearing scene. Im so proud that you are stepping out and figuring it out. It will be a blessings right on into toddlerhood. xox Rachel

  54. Darla says:

    Wow! What super super ladies wearing two babes at once! Yowza!
    And the Ergo carrier is AMAZING! so comfy for us both. My daughter is super happy in it…and super cute too…!

  55. Sara B says:

    I often lament the lack of community facing new mothers in our society. A year or so ago when I was looking up instructions on how to wear a mei tai, I came across the website of a Korean woman who had emigrated to the US. I can’t find that link anymore, but she said something like this in reference to the back carry: In Korea there would always be another adult around to help you put the baby in the carrier, but here in the US that isn’t the case. I remember reading that over and over because I found it so stunning — never alone with the baby! Always another adult around! I have no idea what that would be like.

  56. katie steege says:

    hey rachel! thanx again for all the wonderful babywearing information, pictures, inspiration, etc. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that i’m the lucky ergo winner! 🙂
    i think one of the challenges about finding my community as a mom has been finding a community of like-minded parents … hence why i love your blog so much! thank you for helping me realize that there are others out there that have similar values.

  57. Janice Searwar says:

    I have used the same Kozy carrier with 3 children and it is still going strong. I’m quite attached to it, but would love to try and ERGO.

  58. Sam says:

    I got an Ergo after I had my third baby. It was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I had used ring slings before, but once I had the Ergo my constant shoulder and back pain almost completely disappeared!

    Then I had baby #4 and I discovered the Kozy. I was shocked that I could like a carrier more than the Ergo. I still like and appreciate the Ergo, but my Kozy is the carrier I reach for now.

    It is so wonderful that there are so many carriers to choose from!

  59. Shannon says:

    How crazy: I had the pleasure of trying on an Ergo just yesterday…I loved it, and we’re considering investing in one, but I’m intrigued (and tempted) by all the beautiful mei tais out there. Oh, if only I could have them all 🙂

    Thank you again for this amazing series. I’m loving all the stories being shared, both in your posts and in the comments.

    And those double carrying mamas are something else! Wow.

  60. Jennifer Watson says:

    I think I love reading the comments to these posts as much as I’m loving the posts! There are always great ideas and stories, plus it’s great to see how many confident, successful babywearers there are 🙂

  61. Em says:

    There’s a great babywearing support group I found in Chicago called City Slingers. It’s a great way to experiment with new carriers and get advice and lessons. I really appreciated seeing that other people were nervous about putting their babes on their backs the first time, too! When it comes time for me to wear two at once, you can bet I’ll be looking to them for lessons 🙂

  62. sara says:

    I have two pregnant sisters that I would love to give slings too. They have expressed interest in them. Unfortunately when I visited my youngest sister I saw that she had purchased one of the unsafe slings shown in the warning you posted. I told her about the warning so she won’t be using it. I just don’t want her to give up on slings altogether.

  63. Iris says:

    I would love to win especially an Ergo carrier for my 7-month-old little guy. I’ve already been wearing my daughter (she’s now 4 years old), and absolutely love doing it again now with my son.
    A parenting community can be something sooo helpful and reassuring. I took a great prenatal yoga class while pregnant with my son, and part of the class time was used to connect to other mommas. I just wish I lived closer to where my yoga class was, so that I could still be part of that circle of moms…
    Thanks again for all those opportunities to win all of those awesome carriers!

  64. melissa says:

    My parenting community is so important in helping me stay sane through all the ups and downs of raising kids!

  65. Kathryn Mason says:

    I have a 9 month old girl and a 5 year old boy. She is the first for me to wear. I come from a town where people dont wear She loves blowing spit bubbles on my back and it always makes housework enjoyable! We may get stares in town but we now think those stroller moms are missing out on such wonderful bonding!

  66. Lydia says:

    What beautiful photos and interesting stories…I now have a third child, and gave away my carriers, except for a couple of slings (one of which I made). But I need a little more versatility and ease of movement for doing chores, and now that she is a few weeks old, I feel better about her being upright. I had never heard of the Ergo, but this was really highly recommended and it would be my first choice…mei tai second. Thanks!

  67. Christie says:

    What a great babywearing week on the blog! All the posts have been great! I really regret not wearing my first more often or realizing the benefits of it. I wear my second now a lot and absolutely love it. I love knowing how comfortable we both are and how safe my baby is right next to me. I have a wrap now, but would love to try the ergo!

  68. Melanie says:

    I love wearing my baby! She is now 19 mos and does not enjoy it as much as she used to. It actually makes me what to have another soon because I miss it. We have a few small babywearing groups in our community. But I have not met with them in a while….I need to do that again 🙂

  69. Kellianne S. says:

    I adore Kelley at Kozy!! I know her in real life and she is one amazing woman and mother. I would love the chance to win a Kozy or Ergo! Thanks for doing this!!

  70. Heidi O says:

    I would love to try the Ergo or a mei tai. I have a SBP ring sling, but I think my baby is getting too big for it – she’s always trying to squirm out. Thanks for all the babywearing information!

  71. Mamatoto says:

    I love baby wearing but hate fielding all the annoying comments we get. Unfortunately, baby wearing isn’t accepted by the average, modern mama in my area. So when I see another mama wearing her baby I always say a few encouraging words because I figure she’s tired of all the annoying comments, too. The most common thing I hear nowadays with a 21-month old is “Are you ever going to let him walk?” Of course I let him walk…and run…and climb…etc. He’s a rambunctious boy with bruises and cuts all over himself and he certainly didn’t get those riding around in our Ergo 24/7 like he did when he was younger. But just because he can walk doesn’t mean it’s beneficial to both of us to wear him an hour or two a day. What I think they really mean is, “Are you ever going to put him in a stroller?” And the answer is no 🙂

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