Ever Growing.

Is it really just mid-April? In my heart it feels like June already, or late May at least. My girl Lupine has garden fever and has already planted beans, peas, and bushels of flowers and herbs. Many might not survive what May will bring, but she is optimistic and it's catchy. It's hard for us to refrain from putting our entire garden in – with these glorious days strung one after another like summertime.

The kids too feel the growing tingle in their mind and in their bodies. I watch as they grow and stretch and expand into new parts of their minds and new parts of themselves each day.

They are bending, growing, expanding.

I stand here and watch in wonder at it all.





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Babywearing Celebration Winners

Babywearing Celebration Day 3 Winners are below. If you've won, please email me so that we can arrange shipping (rachel at lusaorganics dot com).

Baby K'tan: Lily who said:

I love seeing all these different baby wearing devices. Would love a chance to try different ones from what I have.

Kangaroo Korner Fleece Pouch: Melissa who said:

was able to wear my son while he was little but he really is a very
active 2 year old now and I miss that time with him, I'm hoping that
with #2 on the way we'll also have a good babywearing experience.

Tummy 2 Tummy DVD: Jennifer W who said:

think it's awesome that Kangaroo Korner has donated so many pouches!! I
love that extra thoughtfulness because as a low-income mom to be myself
I am so excited to try babywearing but definitely wondering about
fitting it into the budget. I am glad they made it possible for so many
other families 🙂

When I can't hold you
and Papa can't snuggle you
I'm glad I wear you!

~Laura Rae

You're snuggled in close,
As I scrub the toilet bowl.
Multitasking rocks!

~Caitlin Harris

7 thoughts on “Ever Growing.

  1. Jennifer Watson says:

    I love spring! Fall used to be my favorite season, but since I got interested in veggie gardening a couple of years ago I just enjoy watching everything come back to life so much.

    And… I won! YAY! Thank you so much for the contest and the DVD! 🙂 MamaToto was the very first place I learned about babywearing and I am sooo excited to be getting the Tummy 2 Tummy DVD they helped create 🙂

  2. Lily says:

    I am so excited I won the Baby K’tan. Told my spouse and a bunch of friends right away. I feel like I never (rarely) win anything. Should I be worried if you haven’t responded to my e-mail, yet?

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