Happy Easter!

I hope you all are enjoying a magical Easter weekend. This is the weekend we celebrate spring in our family. Like most families, we dye and hunt for eggs, eat sweets, and celebrate the return of spring.


There is one custom I wanted to share with you before your family celebration tomorrow and that is the Wish Bunny (with Sage last Easter, below).

The wish bunny appears each year during our egg hunt, hidden carefully somewhere in the yard. She is a large chocolate bunny, surrounded by smaller bunnies, lambs, or other homemade (or purchased) chocolates. In our yard she is usually found in a basket lined with silks.


When the children find her they call out to the others and we all gather around. The children can choose to exchange an egg they have found for a chocolate, as an offering for all that they have received. When they offer the Wish Bunny their springtime offering they may also whisper a wish for the coming year in the ear of the bunny. I've overheard some sweet wishes in that bunny's ear!

(This custom began when Sage was four and we hosted a spring party. I thought it was a one-shot-deal, but the following Easter, moments before our egg hunt Sage said, "I can't wait to find the Wish Bunny!" I dashed out the door and found the last chocolate bunny in town.)

My wish this morning is for you each to enjoy your family this weekend! Happy spring and happy Easter.





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