Our Spring Celebration.





The cabin!

A perfect mix for a perfect weekend.


In our family we celebrate with the seasons. Our spring celebration is the Equinox (Eostar). For several years now we've chosen to celebrate Spring Equinox on Easter weekend. We were snowed out a few too many times, and an egg hunt in the grass is much nicer than an egg hunt in the snow. Knee-deep snow.


This year we crept away to the Cabin and shared the holiday with my sister.


It was wild scene weather wise. (Pete referred to it as "manic-depressive" which was spot on).

The kids enjoyed some summer-style dips in the river, and a day later we'd find ourselves shivering out on a hike in down vests, fleece jackets, and long johns.

Fickle (freaky) spring.

DSC_1634 DSC_1636DSC_1654

But between relaxing in the sun on the deck or cuddling by the fire to keep warm we created some lovely new Spring Celebration traditions, including these wool felt treat pouches and paper maché eggs, above (to replace plastic Easter eggs).

They ruled.

I love the idea of losing something biodegradable in the yard rather than a plastic made-in-China egg. I'll share a tutorial for each next year! So quick and easy.

Happy spring to one and all!

8 thoughts on “Our Spring Celebration.

  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    We sure did. I smiled when I saw your post. I think many of us live in parallel worlds. I was so tired of searching out second-hand plastic eggs… I knew there had to be a better option. Then these popped into my mind and we made them so they open and close. So easy and sweet. Blessings to you!


  2. Michelle says:

    I just stumbled on your blog – I love your paper mache eggs! We did our first ever egg hunt with our 6 & 4 year old boys this year & used those plastic, made in China eggs. It really bothered me, but they really wanted an egg hunt. So glad I have an alternative for next year! I’ll send those plastic eggs to the thrift.



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