Second-Hand Books.

After divesting our stash of cloth diapers, size 2T clothes, overflowing toys and small winter gear at the yard sale, we made a little time as a family to hunt for some new treasures yesterday. Not to fill the void mind you – we like this new open space in our home so very much – but because City Wide Spring Rummage Weekend only comes once a year and we just had to have a look around.

Sage bought handcuffs. Lupine bought a rhinestone-clad watch (or as she calls it her farkly pink belt. Don't ask.) And Pete and I bought very little, considering the dozens of sales peppering our little town. We brought home some garden gnomes (my kitsch obsession), quilts for the kids' room, the microscope, a nut cracker, and a stack of books.


Oh, the books.

The only one not shown here is the Dangerous Book for Boys. The the Tooth Fairy absconded with it as soon as I brought it home.  I didn't question her, but I am assuming she has plans for it for later in the week. Those she left are exactly what I was wanting more of in my life. Attachment. Living with the land. Creating with my hands. Plant medicine.

There's good magic in these pages. Continuum Concept I recommend constantly but somehow don't have in my library. Root Cellaring will fuel my desire to head out to the country once and for all. And knitting and herbal medicine books? My delights.

I am also reading two other books right now that are rocking my world: Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes and Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen. These have been recommended to me by two of my dearest friends and both are shaping our life, day by day.

What's on your nightstand these days?

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I promise this is the final bit of Babywearing madness for a while. It's our last day of winners! Before you start skimming the list below to see if you've won, I wanted to thank you all again for being so supportive of this celebration. I've enjoyed it immensely, especially your photos and your writing. Before we turn away from this week entirely, take one more peek at our flickr page. There were several amazing photos over there that I couldn't seem to post here. Take a peek. They are lovely.

Onto the day 6 winners. If you see your name below, please drop me an email (rachel at lusaorganics dot com).


Mama Made Sling Set: Natalie who said:

of my stash is DIY, so I loved this post! I am so thankful for all the
mamas who share their wisdom through the internet on making carriers…
Jan, the Babywearer, and more. And I'm thankful for Slingrings, so I
can sling in confidence without worrying about whether my hefty toddler
is going to go tumbling if they snap! 🙂

Mothering Subscription:Darla who said:

am thankful for all the strong mamas and papas out there inspiring
others to homebirth, babywear, ec, co-sleep, breastfeed, etc etc etc!!!

Babywearing 101: HereWeGoAJen who said:

I've been meaning to make my own sling, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I will soon, I promise!

Slingrings 1: Kristen who said:

Thanks for such a wonderful series and a beautiful way to end the week
with home-made slings! I love a little DIY project myself so thanks for
the encouragement!

Slingrings 2: Melissa who said:

I've really enjoyed your posts this week, and I'm thankful for resources like this that keep inspiring me!

Slingrings 3 Katie R who said:

an inspiring story! Wonder if I can convince my husband to make some
wraps…the stories this week have been really wonderful, and I am so
grateful to hear positive and uplifting accounts of other parents who
wear their babies! Thank you!

14 thoughts on “Second-Hand Books.

  1. Lily says:

    Just have a Sudoku book to do puzzles by my bed. If I read before bedtime, that will be counterproductive to getting ready for sleep. Otherwise, I have a seeming endless reading list, filled with theology, philosophy, spiritual formation, and hopefully classic literature.

  2. Darla says:

    Yay yay yay! A mothering subscription! How fabulous!
    And right now on my bedside table (and in my hands every moment that my baby isn’t in them!) is Independence Days: A guide to sustainable food storage and preservation by Sharon Astyk, which is so far AMAZING!

  3. Emmy says:

    Oh, I read Root Cellaring two summers ago when I had dreams of putting a root cellar in our basement. I’m currently working on ‘You Are Your Child’s First Teacher’ by Rahima Baldwin.

  4. Hanna says:

    oh I’ve had very little time for blog reading of late, so what a surprise today to be browsing your blog and seeing a picture of myself! hehe.

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