A Microscope.

Thanks for the wonderful thoughts on yesterday's post. I am glad it was so resonant for you. The bread was fabulous and the rest of our day was joy-filled and relaxed. I hope yours was as well!

It is the City Wide Rummage Sale in my town this weekend. I mentioned it here last year (and showed off our finds). This year we had our own sale so we only visited two sales yesterday. But the treasure of the day was Sage's new prize possession:


A microscope.

He could hardly fall asleep last night, planning the slides he would prepare. Providing him with the right tools to explore and learn has been a pleasure for me. Watching the sparkle in his eyes as he discovered an answer to a question he had, or as he explores new concepts confirms my choice to unschool. The learning happens all day long, each and every day.

So aside from homeschooling supplies, the kids are taking the money they earned at our yard sale to look for treasures of their own this afternoon. Happy thrifting!

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And of course, one more day of babywearing winners! If you see your name below, please email me  (rachel at lusaorganics dot com) so that I can arrange shipping. For those of you who have gotten in touch already, I'm moving through these as fast as I can. There are so many, so it may take me a couple of days to get back to you!

Day 5 winners are:

Gypsy Mama: Brooke:

Once again, just fabulous! Love the wrap at the beginning!

Didymos: Jennifer W who said:

I saw Lisa's comment on success yesterday but I didn't realize she had been commenting all week. What a story! 🙂

I just had the thought yesterday, what do you do if your baby
doesn't want to be anywhere except in the sling and you need to take a
shower?? Who knew someone already came up with the answer 🙂

Tummy 2 Tummy: Caitlin who said:

I have been wanting both of the wraps to use this summer (hot summers
in Idaho!) So glad that other mamas are finding the confidence to give
wrapping a try- it's my favorite way to wear my baby!

Biking wrap

6 thoughts on “A Microscope.

  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    I have a friend who has one that does not require prepared slides. I think this would be ideal, but the one we have is wonderful for the 7-year old phase.
    ~ Rachel

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Were in Madison for the Farmers Market every Saturday. This is a fabulous idea. I will check their hours to see if they are around on Saturday. Otherwise we take field trips there every so often. Thanks for the great suggestion!


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