What We’re Manifesting.

Sometimes I talk to you about manifestation. I'm pretty into it (have you noticed?) A while back I shared our Manifestation Board with you (or "dream garden" as one reader-friend calls it), and really this entire blog is an exercise in manifestation. You see, by focusing on what is magical and beautiful and good in our days, it expands. That's part of the reason I leave out all the crud.

And today I had a lovely idea. What if I shared posts with you now and then that were simply dreams, relayed as truth? What We're Manifesting.

Oh my. This is fun. Come along on the ride, won't you? And if you are inspired to create a similar post, do leave a link in the comments so others can share in your journey. This is all based on the premise that the more you talk about (and feel) what it is you are wanting the faster is rushes into your life.

I've decided to believe in my own perfect story. So here it is – the reality I am creating:



Did you hear? LuSa Organics is wildly popular! Even Oprah loves it. Really! Its all true. We have found business success beyond our wildest dreams and are enjoying the ride so very much. Booty Balm and Baby Wipe Juice have become ubiquitous choices for diaper care across the continent and these products have carried us into the joyful experience of true financial freedom. Debts paid. Money in the bank. Freedom.

"What next?" we ask.


"Land," comes the answer.

We found our perfect country parcel – 36 acres of beautiful woods with a trout stream winding through. Southern exposure for good solar gain, and the perfect efficient house that heats itself with the sun. My favorite part of the house (aside from the views) is the kitchen with its stone counter tops and reclaimed cabinets. Baking and cooking here is delightful. Our other favorite space is the craft room with floor to ceiling storage, big work stations, and loads of natural light. There is plenty of space for each of us to do what we love: sewing for me, tying flies for Pete, and crafting-of-all-kinds for the kids.

Did I tell you about the garden yet? Oh, the garden. And the orchard! The garden soil is rich, dark, and crumbly. The land has been loved for decades and planted with perennials galore. The orchard contains mature apple, pear, plum, and nut trees. There is also a large berry patch, a mature plot of asparagus and the forest is brimming with wild edibles.


Did you see all of the blossoms on our fruit trees? I can almost taste the cider we'll press and the pies to be made. There is amazing potential in this place.

The children are in their bliss here. Harmony, joy, growth and learning are the norm here. Their questions are rich and we joyfully connect them with the people and resources they need to find themselves through this learning. They love the chickens (araucanas of course) and joyfully gather eggs and run with the birds around the yard. The sheep are also a joy for us all and the kids and I are enjoying dying wool and spinning fibers together.


Pete and I are full of gratitude for the quality and quantity of time we have together, as well as the time we have to pursue our individual passions for writing, crafting, sewing, knitting, gardening, fishing, making music, and woodworking. Our minds are sharp, we feel connected, and our bodies are healthy from this life we have chosen. Each evening we sit on the deck together and watch the sun sink behind the hills feeling so much love for each other, this place, and this life.


Life is magical. Life is delicious. Life is exactly what I am wanting.

And what about you? What are you manifesting?

24 thoughts on “What We’re Manifesting.

  1. lisset says:

    oooo! what a magical post! our manifestation?
    husband has completed his phD, his private practice is booming and he has received a delicious teaching offer from a prestigious university close to the ocean, so we have purchased a quirky little beach house to raise our babies. the kids and i spend our days running up and down the beach, eating our homegrown food, and creating in our sun-filled space.
    it is fun to dream! 🙂

  2. renee @ FIMBY says:

    ah… your dreams made me breathe deeper, really. And smile.

    I am so anxious about manifesting dreams. I think “can I really have that all? Isn’t that too much to ask? What if my dreams fall flat and I’ve put myself out there so much and now I’m deeply disappointed”. These are my fears with dreaming big.

    But… we still have dreams, big dreams. Just that we can’t talk about them publicly yet because they affect D’s employment. But we are moving that way and I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to start sharing what we dream in a more open manner.

  3. Peggy says:

    Very inspirational! I shall get busy manifesting!!! (much better than the post on my blog yesterday with a photo of my disastrous garage!) thank you, thank you…

  4. debra says:

    this is so much of what i’m thinking about these days. i have renee’s same fears of even bigger disappointment, but i think that some of manifesting has to do with a certain amount of accepting where you are with a little more peace…maybe? i do want to ask you (i am new to the specifics of manifestation, though it is such an ancient idea) – you do “deal” with the crud, though, right? i find that i need to process (though not often on the blog) the crap in order to make room for the more wonderful. by dealing with it you aren’t inviting more, are you??? i’m off to dream up my own dream garden…and maybe i’ll blog about it…i’ll let you know!!

  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    I know you are spinning wonderful dreams over there. A thought to you (and Debra) about the doubts: The doubts are hard to move beyond, arent they? The idea is to become a vibrational match of exactly what you want. Not what your mom thinks you are able to live or what you have always had or what you deserve. There is no reason to limit it. Just get out of your own way and watch what happens! As soon as you think something it exists. Now you just need to allow yourself to get to the place where it awaits you.


  6. Rachel Wolf says:

    Where you are at needs to be appreciate above all else. That way you can keep moving up the ladder. So while I am dreaming of my new country home, I am planting a delicious garden here and enjoying the nuances of town life.  Dealing with the crud… Pete and I were just discussing that this morning. He had a hard day with the kids yesterday and I was all about rehashing it (so it doesnt need to be repeated). This technique works well for me because I get stuck somewhere if I dont process and move on. For Pete, though, it feels like manifesting more of the same. Were done with that – why go back there? One recommendation via Abraham-Hicks is this: Everytime you feel the negative emotions bubble up do this: stop and write down what happened. Then write how you feel. Then stream onto paper what would feel better. So you transform that negative into a positive. You just keep writing and figuring out what feels better and better and better. (I replied to Renees fears above, so check that out too.)


  7. robyn says:

    We have a houseful of laughter from many little feet, spacious gardens, fruit trees, lazy days in the hammock, lots of cuddle time in the family bed, many hikes in the woods and an abundance of love in the home…oh wait…this is already our life (well, maybe a few more kidders)…not needing anything else…life is bliss.

  8. Jennifer Watson says:

    Oh, I’d love to give this a go!

    We are in a house with a kitchen big enough for us all, and we spend so much of our time there. The baby boy I’m carrying now is bigger and has brothers and sisters to play with. Everyone’s health problems are just vague memories, and we all breathe easily. Hubby has finally found his niche, and truly enjoys his work each day. And I am so grateful to be home with my babies. We spend lots of time in our veggie garden, or tending our strawberry patch, and plenty of time enjoying our animals as well – we share our home and land with as many rescued dogs and cats as we can. I love our life!!

  9. Rachel Wolf says:

    It sounds lovely. I forgot my strawberries! I guess Ill plant them tonight. (And a hubby who found his niche? Were putting lots of dream energy into that these days.)

  10. Cassandra says:

    Here I go…
    I am so thankful that I lucked into front row tickets for the Natalie Merchant concert, one of her “handlers” took a shine to me and invited me to the after party where I got to meet Natalie and get an autograph. Sigh.

    …oh wait a minute, that really happened! Believe in miracles people!! Manifesting works!

  11. Liz says:

    Rachel and Jennifer–ditto the husband niche. Haha, that just sounded funny, but I’m right there with you.

    This has always been my dream: http://www.lordotrings.com/images/art/nasmith1.jpg

    There’s something utterly delightful about the life of a hobbit. Your day revolves around good food and good company. Family abounds, and your life is completely embedded in nature (pun intended, since we’d be living in a hobbit hole). Lots of adorable children and glorious sunlight.

    I never let that dream slip far out of my mind. That’s the true significance of my daughter’s name: Shire. She is part of that dream, both a beginning and an end in herself. And she’s wonderful.

  12. Cassandra says:

    A childrens book. The one about the little bird, written by me. The next sensation. As big as “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”. It causes me to be financially secure enough to leave the corporate world and spend more time with my babies. We buy acreage and build the house we want, with gardens, a studio for me and plenty of places for little guys to run and play. 12″ moldings, beautiful tile and reclaimed doors, hardware and stained glass.

  13. Bárbara says:


    My dream garden is full of healthy, joyfull and creative kids, a complete conection between the husband and I, between our family and Mother Nature. We have time for us, our kids feel loved and nurture. Our house is the site where magic happens. Big windows let the light, the fresh breeze and the moon rays come inside. We celebrate the seasons in our terrace, the doors are always open to welcome our blessed friends and family. There’s a great kitchen where our family loves to cook and share all the vegetarian recipes we like. The playroom its colorfull and fun, our craftroom has everything we need to express our creativity. Our bedrooms are confortable and perfect for a quiet and revigorating sleep time.

    The garden is inspiring! Roses, daisies, gerberas, orchids, bromeliads, violets … The right place for fairies! And we have an amazing orchard with lots of mature trees: bananas, orange, cherry, blackberry, red guava, papaya, tree kinds of mango… And there’s tomatos and strawberries! In the front of our house there’s a few brazilian trees called ‘Ipe’ and they give us a wonderful view every winter: flowers flowers flowers!

    It’s a life made of bliss and joy. (Already is…)

    Thank you!

  14. Susanne says:

    I feel like this could be such a reality for you. I love reading your blog. I’m 25 and I don’t have a partner or children, but I feel inspired to live more truly to myself when I read your posts, no matter the naysayers. In the last year I’ve learned to sew, cultivated a container garden, lost 10lbs, knit through my stash, and fallen back in love with the library. I have no clue where I’d ever find a man like Pete! It’s hard enough to convince my girlfriends that I’m not a complete loon, let alone a twentysomething guy. I mention your blog and your products to many of the women in our Midwifery program at UPenn and hope they will provide welcome business 🙂

  15. Rachel Wolf says:

    This is where my little manifestation elf chirps in and says You dont have to know where to find him. Just want him in your life and hell show up. Really. As soon as you expect him to and get over him not being there hell be there. Poof!

    Thanks for the good words. Really. Thanks.

  16. Mary says:

    This is a few years after you wrote this initial post, but I just found it and it provided just the inspiration I needed today. I did a blog post on a short term dream for my life with my husband in our new apartment.

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