Everday Magic.

There is magic happening outside. In the tree. In the grass. In the clouds. Have you been watching? It's there, waiting for you. Right now. 





We found a delightful bit of magic a couple of weeks ago in our crab apple
tree. A mama robin was busy incubating three perfect eggs. And now?
Babies.Two perfect wide-eyed, wide-mouthed babies. (Their third egg did not hatch.)




Today our quest for magic is taking us here, for a day of swimming, exploring, and playing with dear friends. I'll be back here tomorrow with magic to share.



5 thoughts on “Everday Magic.

  1. Jodi Anderson says:

    I was just scrolling through your sweet blog, which Google Reader recommended to me based upon my other subscriptions. Suddenly, “Kickapoo River” caught my eye. That is our favorite river on which to canoe! We live in the village of Sauk City, on the Wisconsin River.

    We’re 15 minutes from Devil’s Lake. Have fun!

    I’m so glad that I came through your neighborhood today. 😉

  2. Lori says:

    I heart Devil’s Lake! If they allowed alcohol in the chateau for rentals, we would have been married there. Very special spot. Go Baraboo. Enjoy, friend. 🙂

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Small world! I know Sauk mostly because of my thrift-store obsession. I use to frequent the St. Vinnies down your way when I lived in Baraboo. Its been years since Ive passed through Sauk…



  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hey old friend,
    It was a great cloudy quiet day at the lake. Swimming, tadpoles, a hike, and lots of fern id. Good times. Wish you were with us there!

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