The Lessons of This Week

The lessons of this week:

1. If we wait until our house is clean to invite people over for dinner we'll never socialize again.

2. If my little ones miss their bedtimes by a couple of hours they'll really be okay (and we'll all have a good time together until they finally tuck in).

3. Hiking is more fun than thrifting.

4. Thrifting is still really fun.

5. Since my almost eight year old saw fairy dust in the spot below, it must really be a fairy land as the kids suspected.

6. We're all measurably happier when I stay in touch with my sense of humor and patience.

7. Good friends who truly get you (with all your quirks) are among our greatest blessings.

8. Hold your loved ones close and treasure each moment.

Add your lessons in the comments below, won't you?



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29 thoughts on “The Lessons of This Week

  1. Casey Umhoefer says:

    I think Sage was right about the fairies.

    My lesson this week was to let the little things slide. It doesn’t *really* matter if there are crumbs on the floor. It doesn’t *really* matter if there’s clutter on the counter. What matters is that my 8 month old is just starting to crawl, and my 2.5 year old is making tremendous strides in his speech development…

    Also, that strawberries can be a part of any meal. And that expanding your culinary world can be fun — we made potato pancakes, sun-dried tomato risotto, and strawberry crepes, and strawberry mojitos…they all turned out amazingly and we’re proud of the things we made!

  2. Bárbara says:

    Great lessons. You’re so right about the house, Rachel – it’s something that I still need to learn.

    My lessons were:
    The value of the silence.
    Feeling compassion instead of being angry brings peace in and around, and more results too.
    A dog knows when you’re there to help him.


  3. KC says:

    My lesson for the week is that things get broken and that’s okay. (My 8 month old daughter broke my favorite mixing bowl by picking it up and throwing it on the tile floor). Stuff is stuff, and it gets broken; what matters is the lesson learned from the event and not to be angry. You can’t be angry at a baby anyway, it’s like being angry with a brick wall.

  4. Melodie says:

    Those photos look like miniature Lord of the Rings lands. My lesson this week was to believe in fairies too. My dd lost her tooth and I put a loonie under her pillow. The next morning she woke up and said “mommy, the tooth faity left me a twoonie!” Sure enough there was $2 instead of $1. Now how did that happen?

  5. debra says:

    Hmmm. good challenge – here were some of my lessons of this week:

    – you CAN make pesto out of just about everything (garlic scapes! cilantro!) AND eat it with just about everything (samosas! brats! quesadillas!)

    – sleep is good. sleep is necessary. and sometimes cancelling plans so you can get more of it is essential.

    – a deep breath (or two or three) before speaking is almost always a very very good idea…ahem.

  6. Cassandra says:

    #1 is one of my biggest hurdle. I grew up in a house that was always immaculate so I feel like a failure if I’m not so tidy. I will come up with a mantra for this…ha!

    What I learned this week is very simple, someone is always going to be unhappy with a decision I make. Always. And that’s okay.

  7. Michele says:

    I sadly had to be reminded this week to love your loved ones a little more because you never know what the next minute will bring. To live life in the now and enjoy it to the fullest!!

  8. Emily says:

    that if you’re forced (by sudden temporary but gross illness) to spend the day on the couch with your infant, the best thing to do is stock up on toys, throw in the West Wing, and play, rest, read, and nap together. Because his laugh and smile are very healing indeed. And don’t beat yourself up over the TV. You have a fever and hurt all over.

  9. Rachel Wolf says:

    Time after time I have repeated to myself stuff is stuff when something seemingly precious smashed to the floor. We roll. But we remember those treasures lost along the way, too…

  10. Rachel Wolf says:

    Were so on the same page. I am dead tired this week and needing to rearrange to get some rest. And garlic scape pesto was our lunch today! If you have invasive garlic mustard in your region try that too. Awesome and helpful. Samosas? Its been too long since Ive made some. Thanks for the inspiration.

    ~ Rachel

  11. Rachel Wolf says:

    I am still being a wee bit stressy before visits – but I am throwing up my hands and letting them see the laundry… the floors… the dishes… Id rather have visitors in my messy house than none in my clean one.


  12. Emmy says:

    We were out of town, New Orleans. Our week’s lessons are: its HUMID there this time of year! And a true blessing to travel with a sister for extra help.
    I enjoyed catching up on your week, looks like many wonderful things were done.

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