And the Schedule Crumbles.

Summer has an amazing power over me. My normally organized daily and weekly rhythm falls apart completely. It unravels into a tangle of hours spent who-knows-where doing who-knows-what until I glance up at the clock to realize that it's dinner time and I'm looking at a raw chicken. I forget to wash and hang the clothes. I forget to clean the house. To sweep. To vacuum. To tidy. I forget entirely to run this house in some mildly sensible manner.

Yesterday was one such day.

Lupine had dinner on her "table" and her babies fed before I had sauteed the onions for ours. I take this as a hint that she's hungry and I'd better step to it.

I had grand plans for my favorite chicken soup. With ginger. Lime. Cilantro from the garden. But then the sun came out and the kids asked to go for a bike ride and Lupine wanted to ride her scooter bike all the way downtown… and hours disappeared. At 6:00 (an hour after we usually eat) I fed them popcorn with cheese on top while the half-cooked chicken simmered away. (We'll have that soup tonight.)


For real. I fed them popcorn.

And so today the question is: lose myself in summer once again or clean my house, pack for our upcoming vacation, and be "sensible and boring" and I described it to one friend – or head to the lake and forget it all for another day?


I know what you're going to say, but you haven't seen my laundry pile lately.

21 thoughts on “And the Schedule Crumbles.

  1. Laura says:

    LOL! Yesterday was a popcorn (to tide them over before super) day for us too! Seriously! We haven’t done that in a loooong time. We started to make the little gnomes around the candle…fun! Thanks for sharing the idea!!

  2. renee @ FIMBY says:

    No, actually I would say spend that day taking care of your home. It’s all good, in balance. Some days and blocks of time for living summer and other times for managing the responsibilities of life.

  3. denise says:

    I guess I’m just ‘sensible and boring’. Plenty of time for both (although I admit that cleaning & laundry is sometimes at night after everyone is in bed), and a well cared for home makes my boys able to manage the chaotic busy life filled times. But that is just me. ;P

  4. Meg says:

    Okay, get the laundry done in the am, at least the essentials. Then get out. Your dinner’s cooked, right? If not then popcorn (we do it too) or some toast with that lovely jam you made. Enjoy!

  5. Melissa (from DS) says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that happens too :). You’d think the house would be more organized as we spend more time outside, but it always seems that we come home to a messier house than we left… how is that possible :).

    I vote a day at the lake!!! Summer is short and there is always time to clean 🙂

  6. Kim V. says:

    Yes, it seems as soon as I get a schedule going, the season changes and I’m all thrown off again! Oh well. I say go to the lake! You only live once right?

  7. laura says:

    I made a list of what I NEED to do to stay sane-one thing a day vacuum or laundry or clean the bathroom and one job for kids then each day I know I have gotten one thing done-keeps me sane-losing my rhythm in summer is the worst part of summer-for me anyway a list making crossing off maniac type person-now I can keep perspective on what’s really important-not a clean house but good life with my family–I blogged my quasi meltdown too-it helped to hear from others who were suffering too–cheers!

  8. Rachel Wolf says:

    My one task per day schedule crashed and burned quickly. My one room per day hung on for longer (right up until summer!). It helps to break it into bites, but when I get derailed its hard to jump back on…

    ~ Rachel

  9. andrea says:

    glad to know summer does that to more than just me… but, there’s plenty of time for all the rest of that when the weather gets colder again. good grief, it is already july 1st! how did that happen??? and here’s a shocking confession to make all the other mama’s feel better about themselves: all-too-recently we had popcorn for 3 nights in a row after getting a new popcorn maker. yikes. but it has fiber right!?!?!?

  10. Emmy says:

    Summer is a hard time for keeping your regular rhythm. I love popcorn nights. In fact, I grew up (and still do it to this day) with Sunday night popcorn dinners.

  11. Rachel Wolf says:

    Clearly I am from Mars. Until 6:30 it never occured to me. As a kid crisis night was pancakes or scrambled eggs at my house. Never popcorn! (The scandal!)
    ~ Rachel

  12. Casey Umhoefer says:

    We have had popcorn-for-dinner nights here, too. Sometimes it’s just all that will quickly satisfy. While a well-kept home is nice…memories and time spent enjoying your children is way more important to me.

    That, and our vacuum belt broke yesterday and I can’t find the long screwdriver to fix it.

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