Homemade Spelt Cracker Recipe.





Crackers have been on my "must post" list since way back when butter,
yogurt, and tortillas were making their how-to debuts on Clean. Crackers are so quick,
so easy, and darn close to free when you make them at home. Today we whipped
up three batches in less than an hour: cardamon-honey graham crackers, grain-free almond crackers with cumin,
and our standard sesame-spelt.

It is a kid-friendly cooking task too, and so fun let your little ones cut out shapes with cookie cutters when they have a sweet craving that you don't want to give in to. (We've found that a cookie shape is often all they're after.)

I'll share one of the three recipes with you – or standard spelt cracker. If you'd like the grain-free almond crackers (shared by reader Casey – thanks lady!) or the cardamon-graham crackers just let me know. I'm happy to share those too.


Sesame-Spelt Crackers

Easy is an understatement. This is our basic cracker recipe. It is infinitely adaptable to what you have a taste for.

1 1/4 C freshly ground spelt flour (or whole wheat or rye flour)

2 Tb cold butter or coconut oil

1/2 tsp salt

3 Tb sesame seeds (or other seed. Both flax and cumin are lovely, or try a small amount of chopped fresh herbs)

1/4 C water

Preheat oven to 400 F.

Combine the flour, butter, and salt in food processor until well combined. Add seeds. Pulse several times. With food processor running, drizzle in water until the dough seems like its holding together without being wet or sticky. If you added too much, just dust with flour and work in.

Roll out between two sheets of parchment paper or on a floured surface. Feel free to add additional seeds now by sprinkling them on top and continuing to roll out. Its a nice touch. (You can also omit 1/2 of the salt and add coarser salt now to the top.)

Score with a knife or pizza cutter and move to cookie sheet (this is easy if you are using the parchment – just transfer to baking sheet, bottom parchment and all. 

Bake for 10 – 12 minutes, until golden brown. Cool on a cooling rack and store in a glass jar or tin.

22 thoughts on “Homemade Spelt Cracker Recipe.

  1. sarah says:

    i tried crackers and ended up with a crumbly mess — but using parchment looks like it makes all the difference!! silly question — is parchment the same as “wax paper”??

    thanks for this recipe. photos look soooo yummy!!!

  2. Jody says:

    Yours are so much neater than mine! Mine are all crazy shapes and I end up getting a bunch too thick and not crisp. (last time I threw them in the dehydrator to dry them out) I would love to see the other recipes! Thanks!

  3. Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama says:

    These look fabulous! I made crackers a handful of times last year, but wasn’t in love with the recipe I had, and haven’t tried since. I’m eager to give this recipe a try…and if you do decide to share the other recipes, I’ll be first in line to try them out!

  4. kathy says:

    Sarah, wax paper and parchment are two very different things. Most things will stick like mad to wax paper if it’s supposed to be parchment instead!

    Your local grocer should have parchment; it’s become as common as plastic wrap and foil.

  5. Kim says:

    I’d love to see the grain-free almond one. We’re (likely, but not entirely sure) that we’re going gluten-free for my daughter, so crackers are desperately missing for us! Do you know any other gluten-free cracker recipes?

  6. elizabeth says:

    These look great! I have been wanting to make crackers and this may be just the motivation I need. I would love to see the other recipes as well, especially the graham crackers.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  7. Rachel Wolf says:

    Flax crackers are in a class all their own. If you add ground flax you might need a bit more moisture. Flax crackers are among my favorites for wheat-free. The flax is mucilaginous and binds the crackers together beautifully. It seems almost more like chemistry than baking when you see the gooey batter, but it always turns out amazingly. ~ Rachel

  8. Darcy says:

    I am looking forward to trying this. I have been wheat free for over a month and I do miss crackers. The GF ones I’ve tried I did not like. Plus I can control the salt on these.

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