Lessons of the Week.

Every week brings lessons, doesn't it? Hard or easy, drudgery or magic – if we look deep enough we can find the message in each moment of this experience. This drippy, rainy, dreamy week was no exception.




The Lessons of the Week

1. Ride bikes (pick flowers, plant seeds, and hang laundry) while the sun shines.

2. Follow the magic of your dreams and keep your limitations (like "I should", "I can't", or "It's impossible") off the stage.

3.Respect those moments of truth when something is so resonant it gives you goosebumps. Hold fast to that truth.

4. Time alone – and time with old friends – is oh-so-sweet.

5. Don't be afraid to play in the rain.

Add your own lessons to the comments, won't you?

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And the giveaways! Thanks to Shannon Hayes for the book donation and to Organic Valley for tickets to the fair.

Radical Homemakers goes to Mariah who said:

I would
love the opportunity to win this book! I've been wanting to order it
for some time but am short on $$. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Two tickets to the fair for Deborah who worked in a plug for my dear friends' business Kickapoo Coffee and said:

planning on going to the fair, but free tickets make the maple Kickapoo
coffee lattes all the sweeter; a free book is something I could look
forward to when I get my 30 minutes of mama-only reading time before

And two more tickets to the fair to Susan who said:

I would love the book and tickets to the fair! Either would be awesome!!!

Hope to see you at the fair!

P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed the "sassy mama" conversation in yesterday's comments. Nurse on, ladies! (Day, night, and nap.)

8 thoughts on “Lessons of the Week.

  1. Sarah says:

    My lesson of the week…dye the fabric, carve the blocks, print the fabric, make the skirt…but remember to put the safety on your rotary cutter BEFORE you drop it on your foot! Ouch. But hey, the new skirt is so exciting it is well worth the wound…might not be as profound, but my creative spriit is definitely rolling in its own truth right now.

  2. Sara Adams says:

    I really love reading your lessons of the week. I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing or putting together a weekly gratitudes list. It helps keep things in perspective.

    My lessons:
    A three year old is not a mini grown up.
    Go to bed when you’re tired.
    We parents need to learn from our mistakes too.

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thanks, Sara. It keeps me on track to focus on this a little each week. I am glad you appreciate. Oh, and yeah. Thanks for the three-year-old reminder…
    ~ Rachel

  4. Sarah says:

    Rachel- i’m loving your blog- i’ve been away from blogland but i’m back. just wanted to say i appreciate what you do, and i KNOW how hard it can be- thanks for keeping on- and beautiful stuff! xo

  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    That was a lovely note to find in my mailbox! Thank you so much for saying so. I love carving out time for this place and knowing that is resonates for you and others is why Im here.

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