From Tree (and Farm, and Garden) to Table…

We have been picking and purchasing and bartering and harvesting the most incredible bounty of produce this past week. It keeps my kitchen busy (and messy) most days, and will serves us beautifully throughout the winter. 


We visited the local organic apple orchard this weekend to pick apples with friends in the warm sunshine. Those apples are destined for saucing this afternoon (and perhaps a crisp is in order to appreciate their loveliness as well).


Tomatoes from a local organic farmer are stacked in my kitchen. Today I will salt and roast them and then freeze for sauces and other goodness throughout the winter. Some will become salsa and others (if there is enough) will be for our first foray into ketchup.


And the pesto. Oh, the pesto! Our house smells of garlic and basil this morning after yesterday's all-day-pesto-thon. My freezer is brimming with cubes of pesto and basil puree. I made it from a variety of locally and homegrown garlic varieties, basil from a friends' farm, sunflower seeds and/or pine nuts, and olive oil. (The puree I left without nuts or garlic to include in non-pesto recipes during the winter.) For pesto I measure nothing, so each batch will be a surprise. 


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Andrea who said:

were kind enough to send me a tutorial quite a while back after your
orginal gnome hat post! sadly, i have yet to getting around to making
it. i think i found a red sweater to use though… I need to get

I've love a subscription to the magazine!


Karri R. who said:

love the hat! she's an adorable gnome!

9 thoughts on “From Tree (and Farm, and Garden) to Table…

  1. Lori Beske says:

    It all sounds so yummy what you make. Oh and the smells of the kitchen that linger after are the best. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thanks Lori! It is something that I love to make time for. So much goodness.
    ~ Rachel

    Rachel Wolf

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  3. Emmy says:

    Delicious! Your kitchen sounds like mine. A week of apple and tomato sauce making then canning. Preceded by a week of pesto making and freezing. Finally, put my canner away for a rest today.

  4. Katie says:

    How do you make the basil/pesto cubes? I usually just freeze the basil and let it thaw during the winter months for “fresh” pesto. Thanks, as always, for sharing some inspiration!

  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    In my food processor I throw in olive oil, coarse salt, and garlic. I process until the garlic is fairly well chunked up, then I start packing in basil. When 1/2 of the basil is in I add the seeds, then more basil. Then with a spatula I fill ice cube trays and freeze, or blob it onto cookie sheets with a small ice cream scoop. Then when its time to use I just add the Parmesan!


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