We've been making a daily walk to a little woods by our house, checking up on the forest gnomes. There is no doubt, if you ask my little ones, that we've seen the proof. We found this in the woods:



A gnome house. Coplete with a blanket, some milkweed fluff, and food stores tucked up in the rafters. The kids were amazed and we've gone back every day and seen the changes the gnomes have made while we were away.

Sage brings a clipboard and makes notes, determining the size and habits of the gnomes. Lupine runs around placing food and flowers where the gnomes will find them. We made two gnomes homes of our own and sage found a half-eaten berry on the porch of his the next day. So they appreciated his architecture. (Mine not so much.)





Happy gnome and fairy searching. May each day be magical.

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In other news, we have a winner for the Sassy Knitwear giveaway. Melissa who said:

Would love to win the chance to by myself new clothes and that baby is just too cute!

8 thoughts on “Gnomes!

  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    The gnomes are a bit friskier than the fairy folk. One young friend along on a gnome search saw one climbing a tree wearing a red hat and taking off his shoes to climb faster because he thinks were monsters! Good times!


  2. jen says:

    And don’t forget we had a “leprochaun catcher” down the block last March. We only had a couple of footprints and food nibbles left behind…he was very tricky.

    Safe travels.

  3. Erin says:

    I love seeing a family so creatively engaging with kids outdoors! Really refreshing and inspiring. We have fairy houses (and even dumptruck driving fairies…they love the old yellow metal Tonka apparently ;-)). The boys recently made them a zipline. Oh, I love my guys!

    When at the beach we do this for mermaids too with seaweeds and driftwood bits. Hours of fun and imagining. I love being outdoors, it’s our favourite ‘playground’.

    ~Erin, who has recently had fun watching her boys open Annie’s Lucy Island shells…got yours yet??

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