Viroqua Harvest Moon Celebration.

Often people send me emails asking about Viroqua. Why did we choose to live here? What makes this place special? What is the magic exactly?

Let me dircet your attention to the photos and video below. This weekend was our first annual Harvest Moon Celebration. And it was phenomenal. I think it gives a good taste of who and what Viroqua is and why we've all moved here from our various corners of the world.



The kids and I were in the parade. We had a moment just before line up when we looked around and wondered who exactly would be watching us march. (Weren't we all in the parade?) But there were plenty of folks left to watch. And it was worth their while indeed.


Our clan was in the flower section, Sage with a ribbon streamer waving high and free (inspired by the friend with one here) and Lupine was a flower (not a lupine, but a flower anyway). One of my favorite ladies (who also happend to stand up in my wedding ten years ago) carried a glorious raining cloud umbrella and was a cloud herself. So I loanded her my dress. My wedding dress. So fun to see it worn again and for such a joyful day!



Not pictured? Well, the parade (since we were in it I couldn't shoot it). (But you can see a good part of it here – do watch for those rainclouds!) Also the fire dancers, belly dancers, hoopers, art vendors, giant puppet play, square dance and drum circle that went long into the night… and that's just off the top of my head. Oh, and the general joyful mahem that decended upon our little town and made me laugh out loud and call out "I love this place!" on more than one occasion.

Thanks Viroqua. I love you.



And with that, I am off. Heading south towards points unknown. I'll be back here and there as I find an internet connection and a few free moments to send you an update. As for our business, LuSa will hum along without me while Pete and the rest of our amazing team keeps it all rolling.

This weekend was a grand farewell indeed. I'll miss you all!



6 thoughts on “Viroqua Harvest Moon Celebration.

  1. Shannon A says:

    We just were in Viroqua on Friday checking out your town on our way to a cabin in ontario. We loved it! Especially the Bike shop, it’s my husbands dream to have a bike shop in town that also has a coffee bar, he had a blast. We said that if we were to move somewhere in WI it would be to Viroqua now, so awesome! The people at the Optimo Cafe were so great and understanding of a sleeping 1 year old and to-go orders. Loved the Coop (they recognized our Willy Street Coop membership, thank you!) and the amazing Kickapoo Valley coffee! I could go on and on…… Good work on having such a great town!
    Shannon (from Madison)

  2. elizabeth jeanne says:

    We had so much fun in the parade… and I had fun in the fireshow later!
    I LOVED seeing that dress and I wondered whose wedding dress it was! That is GREAT! So funny to find out here…
    we are so blessed, I think next year will be even better!

  3. Kristina says:

    I was just looking for your posts about the Harvest Moon parade, and came upon this one for the first time. I love that you loaned your wedding dress for a costume. It is so wonderful to use the things that mean something instead of letting them molder away in a closet.

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