The Next Three Days.

Our trip has been a journey on so many levels. An experiment that felt larger than its surface reality before our departure. And in some ways, I guess it is.

There have been challenges (as the friends I have spoken to since leaving will attest). Solo parenting with no end in sight. Living with less (I'm testing that four outfit theory I posted about here). Hour after hour of road time with two children and a broken Ipod cord. And more dramatic challeneges like that windstorm that devoured our tent and the gray clouds of mosquitoes decending upon our camp. But we're fairing the bumps along they way – and recognizing how minor they truly are. Today we are entering week three with smiles on all faces. And that feels wonderful.

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North Carolina 2 277

North Carolina 2 247

North Carolina 2 287

North Carolina 2 325

North Carolina 2 294

Overall there has been a whole lot of magic. The kids right now are playing contentedly outside ("We're best friends, mama. Go away." Word.) There have been far fewer meltdowns here than at home (only one for me – as the tent was begining to implode in the wind – and just a few each for the kids.) I truly believe that less stuff is part of that magic.

Yesterday we moved into our final "home" in the islands – a cottage that I scored for the price of a campsite for the next three days. It is open, comfortable, and quiet. We have beds and a bathtub and a kitchen and are just three blocks from the beach. It's dreamy.

From here we'll roll back through Ashevlle to spend a few days with our kind friends there (and celebrate Halloween together), and then we'll motor back up the road towards the chilly winds of Wisconsin. Until then you can find me barfoot on the beach with some knitting in my lap. I'll be smiling.



12 thoughts on “The Next Three Days.

  1. Casey says:

    Your kids will not remember the meltdowns or the tent blowing away (unless it is a ‘funny now but not then’ thing)…but they will remember this trip with you for the rest of their lives. You are doing your children a huge huge favor by creating such amazing memories with them. Wonderful.

  2. Nicole says:

    I think you are amazing 🙂 I agree with Casey; you are making wonderful memories with your children that they will take with them whatever road they travel. Relish it. It goes to fast.

  3. kody says:

    This is kody armajo, pam landrums son in law. you stayed at the outdoorsinn in Manteo. I was just wondering the name of that youtube video about the way things are built today. its twenty minutes long i believe you had said. if you could just refresh my memory of its title that would be great. Thanks 🙂

  4. erin says:

    ^ ^ ^
    Maybe you mean “The Story of Stuff”? By Annie Leonard? Very worth it!!

    Your wanderings sound like rich learning grounds. The beach photos are amazing! I could use some warm sand right about now, we are in torrential downpours!


  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Kody,
    Erin is right – it is the Story of Stuff. Here is a link!

    Great to meet you all.

    Rachel Wolf
    608-356-SOAP (7627)
    blogging at

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