Sand Between Our Toes.

North Carolina 2 132_01

North Carolina 2 223

North Carolina 2 122_01

North Carolina 2 199

I am loving:

1. The seamless adjustment to a rhythm-of-the-road lifestyle for the kids (and me).

2. Fresh seafood.

3. Sunrise, seashells, sand, sea, sunset, sleep.

4. Being unplugged from the internet with time to knit, sleep, and dream.

5. Creative play that exists only in the space that is free of toys and free of time.

6. Porpoises.

7. Lupine calling the jellyfish "peanutbutterfish" – just for fun.

8. Night sounds at the ocean.

9. This brief moment alone while my mom takes the kids on an adventure.

10. Knowing that we still have two more weeks to go.


Thinking of you all as we wander out way through the dunes and across the country. Wish you were here. Each of you.



6 thoughts on “Sand Between Our Toes.

  1. erin says:

    Your photos are simply summer-y and fantastic…said by a mama who has seen about 100+ mm (maybe 3″)of rain fall in the last two days! Fall has arrived. Sigh.

    Rhythm-of-the-road-ing looks great on all of you. I love Lupine’s “peanutbutter fish” I have a 5 year old who thinks like that. I always look forward to his unique twist on words and language.


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