A Quiet Holiday.

Our winter celebration was magical, meaningful, and quiet – literally. I lost my voice a couple of days before Solstice after catching Lulu's bug, leaving me miming and whispering my way through our most treasured holiday. I am normally the talker around here – especially with my children – so it was both frustrating and reflective to allow others to speak and keep silence for several days. In truth it was a blessings as the kids learned to solve their own dilemmas or ask Pete for help, and I learned to step aside and let the Papa take the lead time and again.

Yes, despite my silence our celebration went on. We filled the cookie plate with a few homemade treats, lit our candles and stoked the fire, and relaxed together until late into the evening. The children and Pete made gingerbread houses, and we exchanged a few meaningful gifts (I'll share these handmade treasures with you later in the week). After I went to bed Pete, Lupine, and Sage enjoyed a late hot-tub under the stars and by morning the Solstice Elves had left behind some special new blocks for the children.






After Solstice we traveled to Milwaukee for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my parents. We're so blessed with my family and during Christmas in particular do I appreciate the love and respect we receive from them.





Today we and are home again – tidying, unpacking, resting, and enjoying the quiet of home. We are finding our way to wellness as we look ahead to the New Year. I hope your week was magical as well as we spiral back into the light and move ahead into a fresh new season.

4 thoughts on “A Quiet Holiday.

  1. amber says:

    sounds very delightful….. this week will be a week of relaxation, as i think i caught the cold that has been going around, could i have caught it over the computer?? ha! i will probably be knitting by the woodstove all week.

  2. Heather says:

    sorry I saw this way too late (I’m behind), but next time you lose your voice try heating apple juice in a pan and drinking it hot. It relaxes your throat plus it has nutrients tea doesn’t 🙂

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