City Mouse Country Mouse.






I spent the weekend alone in the city. For me a city – any city – is a stretch to my comfort. The buzz, the hustle, the lights, the sounds. I'm sensitive to it all and feel it deeply every time I go. But I rolled with it and found many reasons to enjoy my stay. I spent most of the weekend selling LuSa goodies at a show. But the last day was just for me. I slept in. I took a bath. I knitted. I savored breakfast and chai at a sweet little cafe. I even found myself taking a quick detour through a small antique shop on the way home. (That pig board and $1 butter pattle are my treasures from the day.)

That plus the season's first snow made for a lovely weekend.

And now, being back home is so much sweeter as well. Sleeping on my softest pillow, waking to the sounds of the kids whispering to each other and hearing them play in the kitchen, my favorite mug warming my hands, and a fire crackling in the wood stove.

Home is sweet indeed.

4 thoughts on “City Mouse Country Mouse.

  1. Lucky Nielsen says:

    Hi Rachel, it was so great meeting you, hearing your story and taking home your soap! I read your blog for hours when I got home. And felt compelled to blog about you:

    I, too, let my daughter, Violet, self-ween (just under 4 years). She has slept with me every night for all of her 7 years.

    Your blog beautifully communicates the sweet tenderness of our little ones. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Lucky! It was wonderful to meet you as well. I am completely enchanted by your work. And what a sweet post! Thanks for the link. I look forward to exploring your blog too, and cant wait share your work with my readers!


  3. Desiree says:

    I read your blog and was too shy to say anything at the craft show. Left with a bag full of goodies…thanks for the blog and the fine smelling creations.

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