Crafting in the Chaos.






The weeks leading up to Solstice are always a mad crafting frenzy around here. Add to the crafty scene that we are in the thick of our busiest business season ever and I've found little time for domestic niceties. Yesterday I glanced around the house are could not recall the last time I swept the floors, tidied the play room, or folded laundry. Ew. The messes are piling up, my friends.

No, it is not looking good over here.

Aside from the felt and thread strewn across our house there is no sign of the coming holidays. Not a tree, string of lights, wreath, or stocking. Nada. Zilch.

Goodness. I guess I'm even procrastinating the cheer. (Recently I have found myself delaying holiday decorating a bit more each year. Lately it has been mid- to almost late December before we put the stocking up.) I guess the theory is that if I haven't hung the stockings then I don't have to fill them. Yet. Through some strange math formula I've determined that our lack of decorations computes to more crafting nights after the kids go to bed. I know. It makes no sense.

So today we're hanging the stockings. And even some lights. And then we'll be cleaning and crafting until bedtime.

I keep telling myself that time is expansive, decorations are more fun if you have to wait a really long time for them, and a dirty house builds natural immunity.

Back me up on this.

19 thoughts on “Crafting in the Chaos.

  1. Jayna says:

    a dirty house is a winter staple in these parts, immunity is a bonus on to that. That said, crafting is more important than clean floors, and sometimes folded folded laundry is overrated. Heck, I have a mountain of laundry right now, two peed the bed last night, then came to my bed and one peed again…EW! not to mention, cloth diapers, and clothes of 4 small children. There you have it, you are not fully backed! xo

  2. KC says:

    Yeah for natural immunity! I can never seem to get out from underneath the pile of dirty dishes in my house. I cook all the time and can’t be bothered to clean while I go. Of course there are all the dirty cloth diapers too.

    Really I think most of us are in the same dirty laundry basket! We just don’t talk or blog about it much…:)

  3. amber says:

    ughh! i am soooo glad to see that it isnt just me! we do have some decorations up, but with a baby due at the end of january, and a massive list of things to make for said baby, i just cant seem to find any valid reason or time to wash, fold or sweep! or put something away for that matter!

  4. Susanne says:

    Considering that Christmas has been here since October thanks to retail and a certain annoying radio station in Philadelphia, I enjoy decorating and preparing for the holiday in a leisurely fashion. We have a tree, but it’s just naked and hanging out until we get around to dressing it up. We’ve been focusing on what the whole season means and we share a simple meal of soup and bread with our neighbors each Sunday night of Advent (the Catholic season of preparing for Jesus). It’s not so much a religious thing as a way to connect and reflect each year on how we want to go forth in the new year.

  5. Abbie says:

    Right there with ya! I think every mom has to set something aside this time of year just to keep up with all the parties, presents, baking and general merry making! Good luck.

  6. sarah says:

    Your house sounds just like ours! And you’re a step ahead of us for having stockings ready to hang–my first step is Making the stockings as this is our first year with a little one with whom to start these traditions! Right there with yah!!!

  7. Kelly says:

    Sounds like you have your priorities straight! You can’t do it all, and no reason to feel bad about that. Decorating will be fun whenever it happens and cleaning will happen when it absolutely must (and then it will all get messy again, right?) And yes, great technique for building natural immunities! 😉

  8. Kim V. says:

    Yes to natural immunity brought on by dust bunnies! That is what I tell myself also when my girls come running to me yelling, “Hair balls! Get it off!”

    Also, I agree that time is expansive…if you look at your schedule and “to do” list on paper, it seems that it’s impossible, but somehow pockets of time open up and things get done….or the less important things slip my mind and that’s good too. Pockets of time? Or pockets in my memory? Hmmmmm.

  9. Rachel Wolf says:

    What a meaningful tradition you have created! Community, connection, family, celebration, reflection. That is what it is about to me. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Rachel Wolf says:

    Pockets in my memory. Perfect! As for the crafts I will certainly share them! But Ill have to wait until after the holidays or Ill spoil a few surprises. But they are coming along wonderfully!


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