Making: Felted Slippers

I had every intention of finishing Pete's Solstice sweater in time for Solstice. But when I started unraveling the sleeves (don't ask) I needed a plan B for his gift.

Enter the felted clogs. Pete has been slipper free all the cold season after wearing through last year's pair in the spring. He's been schlepping around the house in an (ugly) pair of brown Crocs. I cast these on a few weeks ago as his alternate Solstice gift. They were immense when I finished knitting them up but on Solstice Eve we felted them down in the washer and they've been on his feet ever since.

All of the yarn was from my stash (most from a yard sale and a bit left over from various projects) so they were nearly free. And he loves them. I added a contrasting inner sole (leftover wool "hair" from a sweet Waldorf doll) and I love the contrast when the slippers are set aside awaiting some cold toes.




(Oh, and in case you were wondering they moon walk beautifully. Which is important around here. We take our silliness very seriously. Ahem.)


14 thoughts on “Making: Felted Slippers

  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Barb! Be sure to introduce yourself if you see me around town. We looked at the bank barn when we moved her 5 years ago. I see you are in it! We were so close…


  2. Barb Wettengel says:

    We’ve talked to quite a few people who looked at the barn before we bought it. 🙂 It’s been a lot of work (and still is), but we love it. I did see you at the Driftless tonight but didn’t want to interrupt your dinner. We were sitting with the Corrs. The Driftless is our favorite place to eat in town. We’re listening to John on WDRT now…

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