Small Changes.

After the success of the recent bathroom project I set my sights on the rest of the house. What would happen if I tackled a few rooms a month and touched up paint, hung new art, and removed all the clutter? I think our house – and our family – would be transformed.

So last week I dove in. I made a list of what needed doing in each space and prioritized the rooms that I wanted completed first. We had leftover paint from our initial painting of the house four years ago, so while the kids were on a play date I put a fresh coat of paint up in the playroom. (A previous playroom arrangement is here.) I removed the playstands and downsized everything from play dishes to costumes and made some new "art" out of a few favorite fabrics glued into embroidery hoops.






The result is so lovely that I could sleep on the floor in here. (Incidentally I didn't realize that the fabric hoops matched the globes until I photographed them this morning. I chose fabrics that were favorites and weren't too grown up and by chance it was a perfect match.) What do you think?

Hooray for a fresh new space as we roll into a fresh new year. Happy 2011 to all!

14 thoughts on “Small Changes.

  1. denise says:

    Love it! We’ve been doing the exact same thing here. I love having fresh color, cleaned out clutter, and a fresh organized re-arranged house just in time for the coldest days of winter! It feels so good and rejuvinates us all after the crafty making ‘ness’ of the last month! 😉

  2. hebejeeby says:

    a few rooms a month? we are aiming for one a year ha!ha! Love the globes – I’m 34 but still love a good globe lamp….

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    The globe the farthest to the left is the oldest and is actually a glass lamp with a paper film over it. My great aunt gave it to me. The country names on there are amazing – I think it is from 1940. And yes – a few rooms a month so we can live in joy and then sell our house and move to paradise. Thats worth the push. 🙂

    ~ Rachel

  4. Emmy says:

    Looks wonderful. A great, warm, inviting place to play. I love the fabric hoops. I put some up in my daughter’s room a couple years back and with our recent move we swapped out the fabric for a fresh feel.

  5. Adela says:

    Fresh new year, fresh new space is where I am. Organizing chaos is rejuvenating and transforming! Love the globes …. I have always had a thing for world globes.

  6. Rachel Wolf says:

    I thrifted the hoops years ago to create some and fizzled on the project. Somehow this fresh new space called for them. How did you change them out? I glued mine in and am wondering if that was a mistake…
    ~ Rachel

  7. Rachel Wolf says:

    We have a wonderful feng shui consultant help us with this curious little house when we first moved here, mainly with color and how to use awkward space. She flipped when she saw all of our globes. In feng shui water, circles, and five are all significant energetically and five globes in the childrens space was a perfect fit.

    ~ Rachel

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