Slow Day, Snow Day, Sick Day.




The snow is deep, the tree is up, the gifts are getting made. And we have our first fever of the season.

Yesterday Lupine got a little fussy. She was clingy, weepy, complaining, demanding. So we cuddled up under a cozy quilt and read books. Dozens of books. We moved to the bench beside the fire, she laid her head in my lap and was asleep before five PM, her cheeks red with fever and fire light.

So today If you need me I'll be in the family room by the fire serving up stories, snuggles, herbal tea and Belladonna 30C (a homeopathic remedy for fever). We brought in plenty of firewood this weekend so there's no need to go outside, what with those knee-deep snow drifts across the path and all.

Yes, today I think we'll stay in our PJs and take it slow. We have plenty of gifts to make, games to play, and another mountain of books to read. And that feels like the perfect way to spend this blustery day.

Keep warm, snuggle in, and slow down. It's December.


12 thoughts on “Slow Day, Snow Day, Sick Day.

  1. Sara Adams says:

    It’s a good day to stay in. I hope little Lupine feels well soon. My four year old put herself down for a nap last week and woke with the yucky fever. She too was asleep before 5 and fortunatley woke in the morning feeling much better. I hope the same is true for you.

  2. Wendy says:

    I’m strangely jealous. Well, not really, but I do like how cuddly the little ones get. Mainly, I’m jealous of your snow. We’ve had only about an inch total so far and I live in Denver, Colorado. No snow in the forecast by Christmas, either.

    Tuck in and take care.

  3. Brinda Braun says:

    Hope she is feeling better soon and that the rest of you stay well this Holiday Season. Sounds like you have it under control Mom!!

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

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