Despite below-zero temperatures, a little one with a fever, and yes, even mercury in retrograde, the making-of-holiday-magic continues over here.

Yesterday (between naps, snuggles by the fire, and countless books) we created with: glitter, fabric, wool roving and felt, fabric (scraps and yardage), spices, water, and small plastic animals. I don't want to reveal any secrets, but here is this sneak preview of some of the creations is still rather nebulous. (If you are a personal friend I swear – none of this is for you. Really. Now look away.)

At one point last night I found myself gathering up my handwork and a headlamp to hang out with Lupine in her bed. Sleepy fever kids makes for interesting work. Here is to being on the upswing and keeping the crafts rolling!


9 thoughts on “Making.

  1. Kristen- Marinade Handmade says:

    Looks like you have some beautiful projects in progress…I love those days that feel productive in the wake of other happenings that could easily derail productivity! Looks like you are all having some fun despite the fever! Feel better soon!

  2. Mary says:

    Such great photos, so vague and sweet, yet so filled with mystery and possibility! Looking forward to seeing your sweet, heart-felt surprises.

    Hoping everyone is feeling well very soon.

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