Slowing Down (and Making Pomanders).



As I type this post I have a four-year-old nestled in my lap, her head tucked beneath my chin. All through the day and night she wants mama snuggles full-time. Works for me. And since I am running a home-based business I can usually roll with it and take a few business calls or send a couple of emails between books with this coughing/snuggling sweetie in my arms.

Now she's zipped into my sweater and there is an almost constant, "Are you almost done?" emanating from inside my shirt. So I'll be brief.

We've been on the couch with the mountain of books all day long, going on day three. Yes, it's cutting into my craft time. Which sometimes makes me crazy and somestimes doesn't. Maybe it's a message to slow down and toss that holiday to do list. So I have. It'll all get done or it won't, but I'll never regret spending a week on the couch snuggling this girl. Never.

Back to the point of the post. This morning we took a story break to do a simple craft that most of us have done since grade school. Pomanders. It was a great distraction for Lulu (and the rest of us). We had organic tangerines on hand (rather than oranges) and I think the thinner skin was a blessing. We pre-punched holes with a toothpick to make it easier for small fingers to insert the cloves.




Our whole kitchen smells heavenly. Wintery. Solstice-y. Even Christmasy. (And nothing like coughing or fevers or snot, I'll have you know. I'm not sure what snot smells like but there is a lot of that happening over here this day and I am certain it smells nothing like pomanders. Nothing.)

Oh, and one more thing. Sage would like to remind you: don't eat the cloves. Spicy. Really spicy.


With that, I'm off to the couch. To read another 46 stories.

Be well, friends. We plan to move in that direction too.

xo Rachel


8 thoughts on “Slowing Down (and Making Pomanders).

  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    That was before I juiced some apples, carrot, and a little too much ginger and tried to pass it off as a beverage. Double whammy. It makes him stronger. Im sure of it.

  2. Emmy says:

    Great picture of Sage! We used to make these all the time when I was growing up. I just made some a few weeks ago. Filled the whole orange with cloves, boy does that make for some sore fingers.

  3. Abbie says:

    Nothing worse than being sick during the holiday season. Hope you all are feeling better soon.
    We may try this out today! They just look like they smell SO good.

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