Around My Table.




Our kitchen is a busy place. I can't think of a week when we don't spend much of each day here, creating in so many ways. This week we've been sprouting almonds to make almond milk and curried nuts, and making purple kraut and kimchi from local winter veggies. (We try to include live fermented foods – yogurt, kraut or its juice, etc. – into every meal. And for economy, taste, and self-reliance we make all of our own.)

But as homeschoolers our kitchen is much more than a place to prepare meals. We read, write stories, and draw for hours here. We work play dough, practice our fractions, woodwork, and (of course) we knit here. Below are a few images from our table over the past few days.



* learning about timber framing and creating mortise and tenon joints *


* always there is art *


* I am not the only knitter in the house any more *



* even Pete is in crafty mode, carving his own long bow for hunting *

We dream of having a project room/homeschool room/library/craft room in the house we build someday (the house that will put those  timber framing skills to good use), but for now we have our table. And thank goodness for that.

14 thoughts on “Around My Table.

  1. Lori says:

    Wonderful Rachel. Our table looks some the same which is why I won’t get a new one until the kids are older. I don’t care if they get paint on it or something spills.

  2. Kasey Love says:

    I highly enjoy your homeschooling posts! However, I wish you would go a little more in depth with the curriculum (is that the right word?) you use. I am especially interested in the lesson plans you use for Sage since he is older and more cognitively mature. Great post!

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