Loving Winter.

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 A quick aside before today's post: I'm completely floored by your words over the past few days to Friday's post. You are a wise community of mamas. Thank you for sharing that wisdom. Over and over you gave me goosebumps with the resonance of your words. ~ Rachel

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We live here. In Wisconsin. Let's enjoy it, shall we? Winter is for real here in the Kickapoo Valley. No, it isn't Northern Minnesota, but it's pretty darn cold. And frankly, I've fallen out of love with winter recently. Blame my cold house or my poor quality long johns or the demise of my favorite pair of winter boots, but winter has been, well… cold for me lately.

This weekend we headed out to a winter festival at a nerby 8,000 acre reserve. I attempted a last minute bail but the kids insisted. So we headed off to the woods, and into the arms of our amazing community. Goodness I love it here. Outside all day in the cold and the snow, surrounded by some of the most real and loving people I've met in my life, I found myself actually liking winter. (Again.)

Thanks, Kickapoo Reserve.

11 thoughts on “Loving Winter.

  1. lo says:

    Winter here in Wisconsin has its charms — though I’ve been with you in the moments when I’m so sick of it I could scream. Fortunately, there are also the days when the sun shines across the snowy landscape and the world is a glorious place again.

  2. Susanne says:

    I love Lupine’s tiny feet – so adorable! Winter here in PA isn’t always fun either. I wish we had the Kickapoo reserve here! I’ve been keeping myself entertained with knitting and quilting. I really would love to try snowshoeing though!

  3. Emily says:

    I also had a lovely Wisconsin winter weenend. We ice skated, went ice fishing, and of course sledding. We live up in Wisconsin Rapids and I truley this winter is my second favorite season, after autumn of course. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold out there 🙂

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    We use to live not far from Rapids in Junction City (past Miladore towards Point). There wasnt much sledding to be had there because of the on-forever flatness of it all, but still a gorgeous place to cut our country-living teeth when Pete and I were first together.

    ~ Rachel

  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    Interesting… I know that I would miss it so much without it here to provide the counterpoint to summer. They all matter, thought some are easier to love.
    ~ Rachel

  6. Sarah says:

    Here in South Carolina, the whole city ground to a halt for two days after about 4 inches of snow (followed by dramatic ice, by our standards). It is something else to think about those of you who live with what I think of as REAL winter…we had close to 300 car wrecks in one day! It’s a different world, that’s for sure…

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