A Homemade Fairy House.



Lupine has been playing daily with a set of wooden peg people fairies that she painted (with a bit of help on the faces) and some flower fairies my mom gave her for the holidays. She declared that they needed a house. So we went out to the garage and dug through the basement until we found the supplies we needed to make a simple, open-ended doll house.



I used a scrap of dimensional lumber and sliced off the corners to make it more of a rough oval. I sanded down all of the edges, then Lupine (with her little hammer) attached some basket-making reeds as hoops over the top, secured with brads and tied at the crosses with yarn. (Willow or dogwood branches would work well too, through drilled holes but we used what we had on hand.)



With a silk draped over the top it makes a sweet etherial house for our flock of fairies.

I love showing the kids that we can create ourselves what ever it is that we want – food, clothing, and yes, even toys. This is my kind of play!

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