Birthday Goodness.

Hello, thirty-eight. So nice to meet you. I expect we'll be having some great times together.

I've never been one to fret over birthdays. Over getting older. As a precocious teenager I would say "Age is irrelevant." because I chose to spend my time with people significantly older than me. But really, here at 38 I feel the same way.

Birthdays, in my opinion are the best possible moment of the year. It's the Me Celebration all day long. Not to be conceited, but what could more fun than that? I get to choose my favorite meals, and someone else cooks them for me. I get to pick dessert and people sing and cheer before I cut the first slice. It's fun. That's all there is to it. Truth be told I feel the same way about other people's birthdays (especially my children's) and look forward to the magic all year long.

When Pete asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said "I want to be the queen for an entire day." And I was. I took a bath and no one came in to the bathroom (or the tub, like normally happens before I am through). No one even knocked on the door or asked me a question through the key hole. Those of you who are not mothers can not possible understand how this twenty minutes alone may have, quite possibly, been the best gift I received all day.



There were of course other more tangible gifts as well. Like these feather earrings from Sage. Pete and I found four yellow shafted flicker feathers on a hike/date last week. Sage asked to have two for a gift he was making. He made me earrings. They are pretty rockin'.

Here are a few sweet moments from my birthday weekend.









There was a snow storm on Friday night that continued into Saturday. (I was born in a blizzard in 1973, so snow is always possible on my day.) So the kids and I snuggled down in the house and planted a few more seeds in our flats, played our favorite board game (Lupine's and mine anyway), and drank pot after pot of nettle chai. Pete in the meantime was in the garage, power tools humming, making something until late into the night.

I nearly slept in on my birthday, Sunday, and was finally awakened by the kids who just couldn't contain their excitement for another minute and piled back into bed, smothering me with birthday love. 

Before breakfast I received some amazing handmade gifts: paintings and "ornaments" on earring hooks from Lu, three pairs of earrings from Sage, and a stunning cedar potting bench from Pete. I spent hours on the couch knitting – and then ripping out – a hat for Pete's upcoming fishing trip, I hand sewed on a quilting project, and I read the kids a dozen books. Then the sun broke through, the snow melted, and we headed off on a walk and for some time in the garden.

After a key lime pie we tucked the kids into bed and Pete and I took a soak in the hot tub before bed. (We have this chemical free type. We built it from a kit when Sage was a little guy. And yes, we love it.)

All in all?

A perfect birthday. Thanks, Pete for pulling it off. You rocked it. I really was the queen for the whole day.

P.S. I will bring you chapter 1 of Simplicity Parenting later in the week!

25 thoughts on “Birthday Goodness.

  1. Lauren says:

    Your birthday sounds absolutely wonderful! I feel the same way about birthdays… there’s so much magic involved! In my family we call it “birth week” because the whole week of your birth just feels magical!

  2. Lori says:

    Awesome Rachel, I love birthdays, each one is a gift, never guaranteed, that holds another year of amazing possibilities. And, yes, I can understand the gift of 20 minutes of alone time 🙂

  3. says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I feel the same way about birthdays – especially those of my husband and kiddos. I love the excuse to LOVE! And give special treats, of course.

    Your kiddos are so sweet! And those feather earrings are totally cool.

    Today as I took a shower, even though the kiddos didn’t come inside, I heard my little guy getting into all of my knitting needles. *sigh*

    Is that the key lime pie with the avocado?

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thank you Angela! As an aside, have you seen the book Walking the World in Wonder? It is an herbalism book for children. We love it! The descriptions are written in the first person. Very magical.

  5. tammy says:

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I wish I had the same attitude towards my birthday as you have towards yours. I usually dread mine. I turn the big 40 at the end of summer and I’m trying to mentally prep myself for it. Argh.

  6. Kim Miller says:

    Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a great day. That is an awesome work bench and feather earrings. I turned 45 (?!) last month. Holy moly how can the be? Time is going too fast!

  7. Rachel Wolf says:

    With any attitude you are still getting a year older with each trip around the sun. Might as well have some fun on your way around! Otherwise, what exactly is the point of it all? Heres to the awesomeness of being almost 40! 🙂


  8. lo says:

    Awesome. Awesome. I can’t think of a better way to usher in a new year. Love your mode of celebrating — and I wish you all sorts of happiness in your 38th year. I’m coming upon 37 myself this year — and I can’t wait to celebrate another year of Wonderful.

  9. Kim Miller says:

    The Platte River was neat. We saw lots of sandhill cranes. It was a good break to have some family time and regain some balance after all the turmoil at the capital.

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