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How many posts in a row can be of my family out playing in the wide open spaces? Many I suspect. I guess we're on a roll. But really, when it is this lovely outside and it has been winter for so very long, what on earth would we want with being inside?

This foray didn't come about until our day was nearing its end. It was one of those rare days where I found myself perched at the edge of bedtime and heard myself say, "Want to go play in the country?" and everyone cheered a resounding "YES!". We piled into the truck and drive out past the river and play and explored until way past bedtime. We wander home hours after we should have had small people tucked in for the night.

Because really, who cares about bedtime when the day looks like this, all bursting with the fragile green of spring? And then you all fall in love with each other and the place and life all at the same time. These are the moments when we forget that we have a "to do list" at all and we just live and laugh and be. We can wash the dishes in the morning.

Life is too important to miss.

7 thoughts on “More Frolicing in the Fresh Air.

  1. Nicole W. says:

    this was a great post…even greater because I just happen to have some rousing Celtic music playing that made your kids look like little elves running around 🙂


  2. Lori says:

    Well miss Rachel my sweeties and I are gonna be trying some dandelion and blueberry pancakes for dinner tonight. Our back yard is full of them and we have one very beautiful, undesterbed patch I’m gonna have Lexi pick from. Should be fun 🙂

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