Organic Garden Starts.







Yesterday the kids and I rendezvoused with friends at our favorite foraging spot. We got as far as the river and then swam and splashed until our (picnic) lunch time. Then my foraging intentions were tossed to the wind and replaced with plans for a countryside search for a fabled organic Amish greenhouse jammed with the most healthy, happy garden starts you can imagine. Because foraging is wonderful, but gardening is too.

And since most of the starts that I planted got subsequently frozen and then fried in the greenhouse during our wild weather swings these past few weeks I needed a few replacements.

And we found the greenhouse! The beautiful starts were ridiculously prices (just $1.50 for a four-pack of heirloom tomato starts for example) and Mary gave free four-packs for all the kids. The conversation was inspiring, and I brought home more plants than I think I can fit in my new beds. That's spring for me – over zealous enthusiasm.

Mary, the farmer we met, also a soapmaker (as am I) and by the time we got to talking soap the kids and I ended up in her house looking at soap molds and talking herbs, plant medicine, hand quilting, black walnut cracking, and product marketing. What a wonderful lesson in the oneness of us all!

Such a treat to head to her farm for veggies and end up finding a kindred spirit and making a new friend. I look forward to connecting with her again.

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P.S. I am waiting on Chapter Four of Simplicity Parenting (Rhythm) until next week. A quick survey of folks in our Facebook group told me that I'm not the only one who fell behind on reading this sun-soaked week!

Have a great weekend friends.



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  1. Lori says:

    Yes we will be planting our garden on Sunday. I’m so so excited !! Any decision about the market tomorrow (crossing my fingers and toes:)

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