Sparkly/Not So Sparkly.

A friend recently scored matching fancy girl outfits that belong on the set of Sold Gold. Matching golden sparkles in size 5/6. What could be better?  They stood, transfixed before a full-length mirror wiggling and shimmering and dancing, unable to look away for 20 minutes. Then they took their show outside – in the rain – to share it with the neighbors.





Cute squared.

Today none of us are feeling quite so sparkly. We're lying low this morning. We started the GAPS intro diet yesterday and everyone is in…

.  .  .  s  l  o  w    m  o  t  i  o  n.

The intention if the GAPS diet in general but the intro diet specifically it to heal and rebalance the gut to eliminate food allergies and sensitives and digestive woes. It's feeling like a big detox right about now. (For more info on why our family is on GAPS, read this post). Last night I slept for more than 12 hours, the kids for 14 and Pete for 9. It's 10 AM and we're still in our jammies.

Because of my brain fog I'm holding off on Chapter Five. From your emails quite a few of you have fallen a chapter or two behind, so that'll give you the weekend to get caught up. See, I'm not slacking. I'm being helpful.

If you need me I'll be wandering aimlessly through my house, wondering what exactly it was that I was doing.

Sending love and blessings to one and all.


9 thoughts on “Sparkly/Not So Sparkly.

  1. Nadia says:

    Wait – haven’t you been doing the GAPS diet for a while? I’ve been toying with the idea of starting it with my family but am daunted by idea of such a vast change. We eat organic, bulk, free-range, and all that good stuff, but still.

  2. kendra says:

    they eased in to the diet before starting intro – which i think probably helped, despite the major healing going on now! : ) i am a curious but daunted gaps-considerer too.

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Nadia,
    We have been doing it for three months. The intro is optional but helpful for those with food allergies/sensitivities. Sage has several so we all decided to do the Intro at this point to take it up a notch. There has been so much positive healing without the intro, but we decided to go for it just the same. As I said – it is optional.


  4. denise renee says:

    love the sparkles!

    and… it is nice to see someone else doing a similar diet. i have decided to go off almost all fruit, just including a few berries a day in my diet (due to candida). i am still doing dairy, but only raw dairy that is grass fed (lessening-if not eliminating the mycotoxins). it is amazing how much this diet changes your life. not only makes you feel better physically, but brings along a certain social separation that i had to get used to in time. (still not sure i am used to it, and the rest of the world has not caught on yet). so it is inspirational to read of someone else’s quest to curb the carb crave! thanks!

  5. notcathy says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I am new visitor in your blog and I’ve found out you have a great posts. I am also grateful much this diet changes your life. over all well written article. More hugs and more success..


  6. Rachel Wolf says:

    We have several families around us on similar restricted diets. It gives us someone to share a meal with! But I agree. There is the feeling of being the radical-extremist-outsider to normal culture. And all the while the benefits are amazing.


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