Twirly-Girly Circle Skirt and Ruffle Blouse.

I haven't made time to hang with my sewing machine for several weeks. Then somehow this weekend I carved out time to start and complete four pieces of clothing for Ms. Bluebird. Four!

It started when I was falling asleep one night and had a vision of a rainbow circle skirt made of pieced patchwork wedges. Becuase I had no pattern to go from I first made a solid circle skirt as a "pattern" to take measurements from for the pieced skirt. Lupine loved the prototype so much that I added a second layer and some ruffles… and then a matching blouse. It seemed like a better option to finish this one rather than just toss it into my scrap bin. And while I'm not a big pink/pastel/ruffles kind of mama, Lupine flipped over the uber-girlieness of it all. She looks like she's off to a square dance somewhere. So girlie. So Lupine. Swoon.





Once the "pattern" was made I got to work on the outfit I was really wanting to make. The rainbow skirt is still girly as can be, still crazy twirly, but a bit less country and a bit more crunchy. Gnomes. Fairies. Bikes. A little fabric from my Grandma's stash. Lots of favorite pieces in this project. (Pardon the wrinkles. I couldn't bring myself to iron this morning.)





  Cute? Cute. There might be a mama-sized version of this in the works soon.

27 thoughts on “Twirly-Girly Circle Skirt and Ruffle Blouse.

  1. Pamela R says:

    Okay, seriously…how cute is that outfit? My tiny girly-girl would go CRAZY! I need one of those twirly skirts as well. SO CUTE!

  2. kendra says:

    i read everything and often neglect to compliment the gorgeous works you’ve made or inspiration you’ve inspired. i love love love these – nicely done, mama!

  3. Sheryl Morris says:

    Reading all that you post and seeing all that you accomplish I am amazed.
    I don’t know how you do it all, but thanks for sharing!

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