Back home (and sewing already).



We're home! The Midwest Renewable Energy Fair was amazing, as always. I love this show. Really, truly. Old friends, new friends, great conversations, and inspiring ideas. And the critical mass of homeschoolers is astounding.

Sage was in his element, running free (with a walkie-talkie on his hip in case he (read: we) needed something) with new friends and old, playing, learning, exploring. Lupine was happy to explore and play as well, hand in hand with Pete or me. She packed her bumble bee tutu (yes, to wear to the Energy Fair) and someone there gave her a bee antenna headband to complete the ensemble. She was, well, very Lupine. Ask anyone who was at the fair. They likely saw her. She was pretty hard to miss.

Thanks to all of you who visited (or sent Wisconsin-based friends and family our way in your place!). It is lovely for me to put faces to both readers here and long time LuSa Organics customers.


We got home just in time for our team member Nina's last day (above left). Nina has worked for us since 2009 and now she's headed for Asheville, NC. (Also pictured are: Chris O., production; Karen R., shipping; Lupine, my girl; and Raina, Karen's daughter. Pete and I are at Right with our son Sage who needless to say was not so into the photo shoot.)

Nina came to us when she was 19. I got an email and then a phone call from a very together sounding young woman who wanted to apprentice at an organic soap company. At 19 I wish I had thought to do what she was doing. I was impressed already. So we met and I adored her and Nina came to work for us for "two months" of soap-making training.

Somehow two months quickly became two-plus years and Nina moved from apprentice to intern to part-time production specialist with grace. (If you use LuSa product you have surely used something made by Nina.)

Because she's moving cross-country, I didn't want to burden her with a gift that wouldn't serve a useful purpose. But I wanted to make her something to say thank you for her time, her work, and her friendship. Since like us, Nina uses homeopathic remedies on occasion I thought a little remedy roll-up would keep her blue vials organized on the road.




I sewed two pieces for Nina: a roll-up to secure her remedies (a simple elastic band instead of pockets to help keep the labels visible) and a zip bag to hold any extras and to keep the remedies from jumping out of the roll-up along the way. I even silenced my fabric-miser self and picked three favorites from my stash for the project. I'm glad I did. 



So yes. Easy, sweet, and useful. That's pretty much what I need out of every project. And this one took just a bit of elastic, some fabric, a zipper, and some vintage ribbon. Nina's remedy kit holds 10 Boiron remedies, but you could make yours any size you wish. (I actually had to reference my own tutorial to make the zip pouch. I couldn't remember how to do the zipper and get my choice fabric on the outside. Total geekdom.)

Safe travels, Nina. We love you! Thanks for bringing your spirit to the LuSa family.

7 thoughts on “Back home (and sewing already).

  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    Let me think about it, Sara. Sometimes custom work stresses me out because I feel it has to be perfect. Let me chew on it a bit and get back to you. 🙂
    ~ Rachel

  2. Lynne says:

    I had never seen the slogan for LuSa before “Handmade. Local. Damn Fine Body Care.” That is fantastic! What a rockin slogan! Lovin it Rachel.

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