Moonlighting (and moon tea!)


This is a post about tea, but also about blogging. Two things that frequently coexist in my world. The short story is that I have a brand new recipe to share with you – one for Women’s Moon Tea.

The long story is, well, longer. (As one might expect.)

The long version seems worth sharing however, so that those of you who’ve been around a while aren’t super confused by the increasingly complex list of URLs to my name.

You see, I’ve been doing some work on my business ownership skills (which, if I’m honest, could use some work). Because frankly, I’d rather be friends with everybody than market to them. It turns out that’s not necessarily the best business model.

So I signed up for a marketing class, and the first thing the instructor said was: focus your blog.

IE: Don’t blog about your kids, your dog, your month-long trip to Ireland. Blog about things that are relevant to your audience! Tighten it up. A lot.


I do not focus well.

Nor, if I’m honest, do I really want to. I want to come here and tell you about our latest discovery in the woods beyond the creek, or what we’re whipping up in the kitchen. I want to talk about how fast my kids are growing or the sudden abundance of chainmail, plate armor, and foam swords in my house. And so I’m going to. Forever and ever, end of discussion.

Focus schmocus. 


But at the same time, are those things relevant to most of my LüSa customers? The original target audience of this blog, way back nearly a decade ago? Um, probably not. In truth, they might not want to see my messy kitchen. It might frighten them, and I can’t say I blame them.

But other things are relevant and interesting to them – things that are equally fun to write about.

Including some things that I don’t often write about here because I’m not sure they’re relevant to you.


So with some degree of internal conflict, I made the decision to split my blog into two.

One, the CLEAN you know and love and have since way back in 2009 when this ride began – the messy house, homeschooling, sriracha recipe, imperfection blog – the blog you are reading right this hot minute. And a second one, a focused one, with tips and tricks for a happy, healthy family.

Things like DIY herbal remedies, 1000 uses for apple cider vinegar, and yes, more LüSa than I normally share here.

In short, I’m doubling down.

It’s about offering you more, not less. On two different platforms.

The new blog is the official LüSa Organics Blog (as the name reflects), while this one is the official Rachel Wolf blog (if that is an “official” sort of thing). And while there will be some minor overlap, my hope is that you’ll be a good sport and follow both, as my posts will be divided between these two homes on the interwebs.

Whew. That seems unnecessarily confusing, but really, it shouldn’t be too much to digest.

In short: forget about my old blog and follow my two new blogs! Easy peasy, right? Right.

And with that, let’s get on with the Moon Tea! A shiny new recipe over on my shiny new blog. Pop over, sign up for emails, and get busy brewing up some tea.

Thanks for sticking with me, friends!




LuSa free shipping

LuSa Tinted Lip Balm

LuSa Essential Oil Blends

LuSa Soap

We love Wisconsin!
LuSa Treasure Box

Above: Spring Treasure Box sneak-peek!

LuSa Soap
LuSa Sleeping Potion

When pressed to name my favorite product, I'm always at a loss. It depends on the day, really. This week I'm all about one of the items I stole from the (yet to be released) LüSa Treasure Box, a product I'm just not sure how I'll manage not to have always on hand. (Blue jar, those who signed up or are about to. Blue jar from heaven. Hallelujah!)

When I'm not sneaking home with Treasure Box goods however, my favorites are more simple: Garden Shampoo Bar and Uplifting Sugar Scrub in my shower; Calendula Lip Balm in my pocket at all times; Sleeping Potion and Magnesium Mist every night at bedtime, and Headache Balm within reach, always.

There are more, but these came to mind first.

Ready to restock your LüSa stash and add a few new favorites? Of course you do! And might free shipping help you in that mission? Of course it would!

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Please note that Treasure Boxes are not included in this glorious free shipping deal. To make up for this sad reality, snag a free Wisco Love wooden magnet with your Treasure Box order by adding a comment of "WISCO<3" to your order – while they last. I made these myself at our makerspace and I'm absolutely crazy about them. (That's a comment, not a coupon.)

Or if you aren't so into Wisconsin (gasp!), add a comment of "Rachel's Pick" and I'll add a full size scratch-and-dent product of our choice (Lip Balm, Tinted Lip Balm, soap, who knows!). (That's also a comment, not a coupon.)


And to each of you who goes out of your way to choose what we make for your family, I thank you. It means so much.Love,


It’s hygge season







A Danish word for coziness, warmth, and comfort that inspires a feeling of contentment and well-being.

"Hygge is the warm, contented feeling of gathering with loved ones around the wood stove. It is flickering candlelight, warm and wonderful scents, and community. It is finding delight in life's simple pleasures."

While difficult to pronounce, hygge is more concerned with feelings than pronunciation. Hygge is meant to be shared with those that you love.


Hygge is also a new body care collection I dreamed up for the coming season!

Organic after-bath oil, organic liquid soap, a lavender and foraged balsam sachet, and a delightful little moisture balm all come together to create the coziest holiday (or any day) collection ever. In your choice of lavender & pine or clementine & clove.

Now through Wednesday, order any Hygge Collection and we'll include either a free 2 oz. travel-sized bar soap OR a free lip balm of our choice!

To redeem simply order your Hygge Collections and add a note of "cozy extra" to your order comments. Then let us know if you prefer a lip balm or soap (them we'll choose a flavor we think you'll adore). 

And remember: new LüSa customers get free shipping with the coupon code "NEWTOLUSA".

And thanks ever so much for supporting our small family business this season, friend. It means so very much.


Stay cozy, my dears!

x Rachel


The fine print: Retail customers only, please. Individual Hygge items not included. Expires Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

To celebrate (a little LuSa for you)


To celebrate Lupine's 11th birthday (and what a wonderful day it was!), she picked her 11 favorite products and put them on sale for 11% off (just for fun).

Her list of favorites includes some of mine as well. Included are:


Better Balm

Calm Balm

Dream Balm

DIY Lip Balm Kit

Cranky Pants

Sleeping Potion

Be You Bravely Tee Shirts

Magnesium Mist

Lemongrass Soap

Uplifting Lotion Bar

Calendula Lip Balm


Use coupon code BIRTHDAY11 for 11% off of anything on her list!

And remember, new customers get free US shipping on their first LüSa order with coupon code NEWTOLUSA.

This weekend only, my dears! (Offer expires 11/13/17. Retail customers only, please.)




Weekend LuSa goodness



20171013-DSC_9708 1.08.22 PM


Happy weekend, my dears!

As most of you know, I founded and run a small organic body care business called LüSa Organics. At risk of repeating myself for the zillionth time (thanks for your patience, long-time readers/followers/lovers-of-LüSa!), LüSa Organics is named for our kids, Lupine and Sage.

Like so much that we do, LüSa is a labor of love. Each product is mixed, poured and labeled by hand by our family and our crew of five (amazing!) Viroqua folks: Karen, Steven, Raina, Peg, and Irene. I love these people. I feel lucky every day to have them joining me on this adventure.

I don't mention LüSa often here because I want the blog to stay true to it's mission of inspiring you in ways that have nothing to do with your wallet. But as LüSa is also my passion and our livelihood, it doesn't hurt to mention now and again, right? I'm honored and thankful when you go out of your way to choose the products we make for your family, so thank you. Truly.

This season my crew and I have launched a few lovely new products that you might be as tickled with as we are – products like Dream Balm, Children's Chest Rub, and Organic Eye Serum. I'm thrilled to bring each of these treasures into the world! You can see all of our new products here (including charcoal soap, enamel cups and products for new and nursing mamas).

Just for fun, enjoy a free full-sized product (of my choice) with every order your place this week! They might be a regular LüSa item or a limited edition product you can't otherwise buy. To redeem, simply place your order by Wednesday, October 25 add a note of "Extra goodness from Rachel" to your order comments. Then I'll choose something delightful for you to try!

And if you've never ordered from us before, know that every item we make is unconditionally guaranteed. Love it without reservation or we'll happily refund you.

Coupon code "NEWTOLUSA" scores new customer free shipping on their very first order.

Thanks for supporting our small family business, friends. It means so much.


Fine print: Feel free to combine the two promotions above, but refrain for doubling up with promotions from our newsletter. Receive a weekly emailed full of coupons and unicorn magic by signing up for our newsletter! I solemnly swear not to spam you. Scouts honor.


DIY lip balm kits (and the “h” word)

I know. It's only October. And I'm about to say the "H" word. (Holidays!) But there's a reason, ya'll. That reason is the annual, unavoidable time vortex that opens in early November, sucks us all in, then spits us out disoriented, cranky, overfed and overtired on January 2.
Where did the time go? And what about all these half-done projects? 
This year will be different, I tell myself. This year I'll plan ahead. This year I'll start early.
But then, like last year, I don't. 

The truth is, I adore handmade holiday gifts. Kid-made? Even better. And we strive to make most – if not all – of our gifts each year. But somehow December always arrives about a month too soon, and we struggle to finish making half of the gifts that we've put on our lists.

In case you can relate, I've got your back.
This season we put together a stash of DIY Organic Lip Balm Kits for you or your kids to pick up now so you'll have plenty of time to make and decorate your balms before the holidays. No pressure, no rush, and no hunting around for all of the ingredients and supplies you need to pull it together.
And at the sale price below each balm comes in at less than half of what I sell a comparable balm for at LüSa, so you can't beat the price.
Our DIY Organic Lip Balm Kit contains everything you need to make oodles of lip balm with top quality organic ingredients. Organic avocado oil, organic beeswax, organic castor oil, organic sunflower oil, and essential oils. These are some of the identical ingredients we use in our own lip balms! 
I wrote the recipes and instructions so that adults and kids alike can follow them, making it an easy project for kids who want to craft their own holiday gifts for friends, teachers, and neighbors without a lot of adult intervention.
This week only I'm offering an early-bird discount on our DIY Lip Balm Kit of 15% off (to encourage you to start sooner rather than later on your holiday crafting). The ingredients are super fresh and will keep for up to a year, so there's no need to worry if you don't get to it right away.
To receive your discount, simply order your DIY Organic Lip Balm Kit, then use coupon code "DIY15CLEAN" for your discount (expires 10/19/17). (Please do not combine with other coupons or discounts.)
But wait! There's more! 
Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 4.49.20 PM
Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 4.49.55 PM
If you're feeling more needle-and-thread crafty, I've also placed both of my sewing patterns from my Etsy shop on sale. They are 20% off for the month of October! (No coupon required.)
Now. Get out there and make stuff!