Homeschooling Adventures: Today is a Mystery







Today is Mystery Thursday (formerly know as Mystery Wednesday when our rhythm was a little different).

It is arguably our favorite day of the week. Because – who knows? It's going to be fun, but the kids have no idea exactly what kind of fun. City? Country? Water? Woods? There's just no telling.

I think I value this day so much because we just go. We leave the house – the phone, the computer, the laundry, the dishes – for hours on end, and get lost in the joy of now. There are no distractions, just the three of us on our weekly adventure. It is a great balances for the kids and I, regardless of what the first part of the week has been.

This morning, like always, they know nothing except what to bring. Their instructions today were simple:

On your feet: tennis shoes or sandals.

Clothes must be "rough and tumbles" (code for "Lupine, please don't wear a tutu.").

And bring three things: a basket, your sunhat, and water bottle.

I have packed us a picnic lunch (Okay, and an iced latte for the drive.) and we'll be taking the car.

Any guesses as to where we're headed?

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  1. Danielle says:

    I LOVE the mystery day! Such a fun idea. Something I will try to file away in my mental box for a time when my little ones are a bit bigger and ready for such fun! Right now with two of them, so very small, our biggest adventures are heading to the library or the park. But it is passing, I know it is. Soon . . .

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