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  1. Jenny says:

    You are lucky to be able to “protect” your kids from the mainstream influences. Where we live, we are the only family we know who prefers all natural toys/play. Christmas and birthdays is always an influx of toys we’d never pick for our kids. Mostly plastic. But I never want to seem unappreciative. I have let my family know we love the natural stuff but beyond that, I can’t make them buy it. Honestly, I give the plastic crap a few weeks and then it weeds out easily b/c honestly, the kids don’t do much with it after the newness wears off. I mean, how many times can you push a button and hear the SAME thing and find it entertaining? I simply weed out these toys and consign them and then keep an eye out for natural toys/clothes to use my consignment credit on. 🙂 Those items are few and far between but when I score one, it feels super good! Our area of struggle is at friends’ houses. Like I said, no one here uses natural toys. EVERYONE has the mainstream action heros, barbies (gag), etc. People are still amazed that my kids don’t know most of the mainstream stuff, but they do know spiderman (and a few others) and I don’t know how I’d ever keep it from them since no one else around us thinks the same as we do. If I want my kids to play with other kids, I guess they’ll learn about spiderman in the mix. So far, thankfully, it will be mentioned a few times at home and then forgotten or not cared about but I wish I could keep them from all this mainstream stuff forever. 🙂

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    After I wrote this post Lupine invited one friend to her birthday party who brought her a barbie. It was the first time wed had that experience and yet I like to think we handled it with grace. What did we do? We let her keep it. She thought it was great, the accidentally broke the legs off and asked that I get rid of it. Rather than tell her that I could put the legs back on I removed it from the house. She hasnt asked about it since.

    We made a conscious choice to live in an area where we are… normal. That has made this so much easier than if we were the odd ducks in a mainstream culture.

  3. langsam leben says:

    I just found your blog scrolling through your last posts a bit and then your post on becoming a mother got me hooked. Without being a mother yet myself, those words still deeply touched me. You have a beautiful way of writing, I will for sure come back.

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