Happy Birthday, Sage August.








Nine years ago today I became a mama with the homebirth of my first child. Sage has taught me lessons that can never be measured. I treasure his humor, his sensitivity, his mind, and his heart. I treasure this boy.

Happy birthday, Sage. We love you so.

(P.S. if you are inclined to buy the organic body care I make, LuSa Organics, feel free to use the coupon code "Happy Birthday Sage!" in the comments field of any order placed before midnight tonight. That comment will score you some free LuSa goodies. Sage, after all, is the "Sa" in LuSa and he was the sensitive-skinned newborn who inspired Booty Balm, Baby Wipe Juice, and the rest of our gentle baby care products.)


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  1. Sara says:

    Happy Birthday Sage! and Happy Birthing day to the best mom Sage could have. Hope the day is filled with love and good surprises.

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